my prop firm won't pay me

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  1. My prop frm will not pay me, what legal options do i have?
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    Your only option is arbitration. Why won't they pay you?
  3. they can't flat out not pay you....tell the whole story
  4. Bring some friends and start taking things out of the office.
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    for the most part what i have seen is prop firms will pay maybe late but they will pay, also i know i didn't know my whole contract when getting money out and had to wait longer to get deposit. Make sure you know your contract
  6. who is the firm?
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    Get into a car, drive to the nearest police station located within proximity of their physical address, and file a police report complaining about theft.

    Lay down a marker, and that one is simple and quick and effective in getting one's attention. Insist that the police officer taking the report refer it to the appropriate regulatory authority. Start a paper trail with a regulatory body.
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    Guys, this is a troll thread. There have been a few similar threads lately.
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    why don't you state the facts for everyone?

    what firm are you with?
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