My prop firm uses Sterling..and I hate it ! What to do ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by neveral0ne, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Ok we are using Sterling trader and I completely hate the software, on top of that it cost 200 something a month to rent it, for what it does its horrible.

    I am soo used to using my retail software from TDA like Quotetracker mainly because it shows me all the pivotpoints automatically for every stock every day I have lines drawn, it does help me alot with my trading and makes me come up with easier decisions.

    Is there any addon for sterling that would help me have something similar ? Its messing up my strategy and my idea of trading...
  2. nitro


    Are the pivots computed from the lines you draw on the screen, or from equations?
  3. in Quotetracker they are equations.... so basically I write down the price levels,. in the mornig at home, and when I go to work I draw my own lines with the primitive lines on sterling....on my charts, but its a pain to do it for like 20 stocks on my stock list, so I only pick like 5 each day...and its annoying.
  4. thstart


    Anyone willing to test a new alert system based on Pivot Points? Please drop me a note.
  5. as i know PT MultiStation can connect to TDA.

    cost is near 90-100$/month
  6. nitro


    Then, if you have a little Excel experience or are willing to acquire it, why not port the equations into Excel?

    I am not a fan of Sterling, but this simple problem can be worked around relatively easily.
  7. joe4422


    I have an excel sheet that can automatically draw data from thinkorswim, which is part of TDA now, and put all the pivots, R3 to S3 and midpoints into an excel sheet. You could just print it and take it to work with you. It's got about 80 stock and index tickers on it now. Just open it up, and it computes them all automatically. It's free. PM me if you want it and I'll send you a copy.