My prediction on IBM and TXN after earnings

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    AH today, TXN will hit $26 and IBM will also hit $132. They will have their history record sales. Time to buy them now for a quick 5% profit.
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    Think about it. These companies will have their best results ever. I don't mean their result will be better than last Q or last year or th best in the last 4 years. Best EVER.
    Double dip recession? !!! hahahahaha:D
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    Specially and Specially TXN will have monster results and will have a super rosy guidance for next Q.
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    Who knows how long they are going to have the record breaking quarterly earnings but eventually there is a peak and then a drop and I think in 2010 most companies will see peak earnings as the economy slows down once again, only reason these companies are seeing great results is due to huge cost cuts taken over the last 18 months and huge inflow of stimulus into the economy.

    June 2009 of last year IBM surprised by 14.9% or 30 cents to $2.32

    June of 2009 of last year TXN surprised by 5.50% or 1 cent to $0.20

    Chip maker Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN: News ) expects second quarter profit of $0.60 - $0.64 per share on revenues $3.45 billion - $3.59 billion, while the Street views profit of $0.62 per share, on revenues of $3.52 billion. A year earlier, it earned $0.20 per share on revenues of $2.46 billion. The quarterly results will be released after the bell, Monday.

    Monday, after the bell, technology giant International Business Machines Corp. (IBM: News ) is set to release second-quarter financials, with analysts looking for $2.58 per share on revenues of $24.17 billion. In the previous year, IBM earned $2.32 per share on revenues of $23.25 billion.
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    ADI is another company which will come up with history record sales. Those are not my wish. It is already been announced in their last Q earnings but it has not affected the stock price yet.
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    So my question to you would be:

    Who knows those companies that are losing money, will lose money for ever? At some point that must stop. So lets buy them now !!

    Apply your idea to AAPL when it was $30 a few years back when they had recored sales. I remember that I was traing ISRG at $12 in 1999 and now it is over $350 after multiple split. Look at NFLX. All things said, I am not a long term investor. I know for sure that TXN will hit $26 (at least AH today and IBM will also fly higher. I will not keep them till 2040 !!!
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    I also agree that companies have great profit, mostly because of cost cut but who cares how they do it. As far as as their profit is up, it is up. By the way tech is booming again. You can not deny that. Sales are really up. TXN chip in Driod X will be a huge winner.
  8. 24, 124. You and S2007 are the fades of the Century. Whatever you charge, it's not enough.
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