My Prediction For Oil

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by lolo24ca, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. hey guys

    Well base on my chart, I think oil will go down $2.00 more to 55.70... I went short at $58.98...hope I' m right

    what do you think ???? :)
  2. mhashe


    imo If the DX starts trending higher, Crude could go even lower than what's on your charts.
  3. That means you shorted it on the 9th (if you are trading the mini's). If that was the case you should have out of that position Friday by lunch EST cause she's heading up to try 60.425 on for size. If she can't make it through there, you might get your wish. Good Luck.
  4. not to poke fun at your trade as I am not in QM or CL futures at this time , but ... how come you did not go short crude futures weeks ago ?

    good luck !


  5. good question.honestly ..i was too chicken.. i'm a newbie
  6. thank Goodness ..i was right ...I'm out at 56.40
  7. are the cl's crude futures? i've traded the qm's but they only go out 4 -6 weeeks which sucks. can anyone suggest a longer term electronic crude contract as i'm not interested in pit traded crude

  8. yes.

  9. erichamm


    I think we are going to see oil rise in price for the short term before we see more selling. That's just my opinion.
  10. CL is the WTI nymex light crude pit contract.

    QM emini version is only quoted front month which sucks.

    The only decent all electronic full size crude contract is the IPE brent crude contract, which is quoted as outrights and spreads all the way out past 2012 delivery
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