My prediction for Monday Oct 2nd

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eagle488, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. All of the stocks that seemed to do well last week will be down and all the stocks that seemed to lag will be up. Why?

    I am buying into the theory of the "mark up" week where the funds sold the losers and bought the winners to create a nice ticket.

    The market is all about pressure. If one pressure is taken away then you get an opposite reaction. The buying pressure will be taken away from the winners and the selling pressire will be taken away from the losers.

    So what will be good next week. uummmm Telecomms? I looked at the ETFs on Vanguard and saw that was one of the few losing ETFs.

    Anyone else with any constructive ideas? Thoughts?
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    The only constructive idea I can come up with is that predictions don't work. Prices on charts are the only way to create a high probability outcome in trading.
  3. Im not looking for a specific outcome, just a forecast for the market weather. I know the weatherman isnt always going to be right, but its just nice to know what might lie ahead. . .
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    want to hear my prediction


    oh lord, yes I do know its high already

    But I am telling you, I analyzed chart
    and RIMM is bloody up on monday
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    This is my prediction for the next 20 days.
  6. I think this picture will show what will happen on Monday. . .
  7. The last 3 years of October 1st, point increase in the DJIA. . .
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    I'm pretty sure Stock Trader's Almanac isn't always right. It might happen but saying it "will happen" is a recipe for disaster.