my power went out! :-O

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  1. Hey, friends!

    My power went out today for a few minutes, just after I closed a position. I was lucky...

    What do you guys do to prepare for these situations? Do you have one of those power thingies? How much do they cost? Even if I had one, would my internet work if I could get my computer on?


    FRuiTY P.
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    Looked into UPS, but didn't buy one. Only times I've lost power, I've called broker on wire phone to close out position.

    UPS... 5 mins to about 70 min running time. <$100 to about $500. Internet should work off of UPS.
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  5. I would never not have a UPS. It is GREAT PROTECTION for your computer. Dirty power (spikes and dips in voltage which happens frequently) is a major cause of system deaths.

    And if the power dies, you've got a few minutes to finish up business and power down properly.

    Do yourself a favor and get one, IMHO.

    These guys also make very good UPS's. And they have great service.

    BTW, don't hook your laser printer up to the battery backed up sockets. It drains too much power and f's-up the batteries on all UPS's. Just plug your laser printer (if you have one) into one the surge protected only sockets on the UPS.
  6. Thanks, guys. Definitely seems worth a hundred bucks or so to get one of those things.

    F. PeBBLe
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    Absolutely. They've saved my butt too many times to count. Have a few computers networked and one on each computer, wouldn't do without....
  8. BobbyMurcerFan, I wish someone mentioned the Printer problem to be before I fried my UPS and found out about it from tech support. You would think they would put it in big red letters on it :(
  9. I learned the hard way also. One of TippLite's UPS died after about 7 years. They told me the probable cause was my laser printer.

    It was out of warantee, but they sold me a new one at below wholesale cost. (About a third what I would have paid in the store or on line.) So I like them A LOT :)
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    This is the one I use.

    Note that it is considerably "larger" than most of the ones mentioned in this thread. Beware of claims of any of these for under $3K that claim to run for more than 1/2 an hour.

    I have [currently] six monitors and a duall Xeon CPU machine attached to this. Based on the V/A rating of all my equipment, even with this guy I would be lucky to get 15 minutes under full load.

    Before you buy a UPS, make sure you understand the load it will need and the amount of time you require it to stay on. I also always get the ones that you can daisy chain.

    I also have a 1200 VA rated UPS for the rest of my equipment.

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