My positions for the week

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Kastro_316, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone. Here are the positions I am in for this week.

    Long: USD/JPY 115.685
    Short: EUR/USD 1.20240
    Long: AUD/USD 0.7450
    Long: CAD/JPY 99.80

    Anyone in any of these?
    Hope you all had a good weekend
  2. Wow Kastro, you must be the ultimate currency picking machine since almost all of those positions are widely profitable.

    What kind of system/methodology do you employ? Just trying to pick the brain of a brilliant trader. Thats all.

    I am Long USD/JPY from 115.945
  3. CAD (Canadian Dollar) is on its way to par with the USD according to the Canadian News.

    PS....Yesterdays paper had a story on a Vancouver, Canada area luzury yacht builder that might layoff over 100 employies because of the rising CAD. Most of the yachts are sold to US customers.
  4. Good job on getting in on the USD/JPY!

    Current: (Still holding)
    Long: USD/JPY 116.265
    Short: EUR/USD 1.20135
    Long: AUD/USD 0.7458
    Long: CAD/JPY 100.30

    Our logging industry is already taking a hit from the rise of the CAD.
  5. Yes, and we all know what amazing FOREX analysis the Canadian News is famous for. Please post your short positions. I assume you have some, right?
  6. The whole market is long CAD / short yen, check last Friday's commitment of traders report from the cftc. Record yen short, record CD long. The last two times large specs were this short the yen in the late 1990s, the yen rallied 1500 and 1600 ticks. Get out of the way.

    Good luck brotha.
  7. Exactly.

    Thank God someone else sees the madness for what it is. People have been asking me why I've gone against the CAD trend.
  8. I'm not smart enough to know when the CD trend will end, all i know is that the set up is there for a vicious reversal. Look at last week, yen going down, nice trend. Tankan report comes out at 5:50PM Tuesday CST, its headline is weak, March yen dips 20 ticks and then comes out of the hole like a rocket ship on rails. Game on, here comes the pain. Now I just sit and wait for a catalyst in the Canadian dollar, wait for the rowboat to tip over and spill 'em all out.
  9. No one is smart enough to know when it will end. The intelligence isn't in trying to to predict the end, but only realizing that the end must come.

    It's like the Matrix :) Remember that scene where Neo is in the Oracle's apartment for the first time and he's talking to the bald kid?

    "Do not try to bend the spoon with your mind, that's impossible. Instead, only realize the truth."

    "What truth?"

    "There is no spoon."
  10. ah yes, good analogy. thanks
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