My POLL thread asking if ZZZzzzzzzz is an asshole was deleted. Why?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thunderdog, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Are you saying he is not an asshole? The poll results suggested otherwise at the time you deleted the thread. Was the use of the word "asshole" offensive? If so, then why is not the conduct of an asshole at least equally offensive?
  2. try being a bit more subtle when making your point :p
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Because threads started for the sole purpose of degrading another member are inappropriate.
  4. Really? And have you read any of ZZZzzzzzzz's posts recently? A random sampling might prove to be quite an eye-opener for you.
  5. thunderdog, what's the point? what are you after? do you want Z banned? why? what would be the point in that? [almost] everyone should have a voice
  6. If ET were my site, then ZZZzzzzzzz would have been banned a long time ago. Just as his (at least) two other aliases have already been banned. (They change the lock on the door, and he just climbs right back in through the window. And, somehow, ET's management feels that it has done all that was necessary, even though he is essentially thumbing his nose at them quite openly. Go figure.)

    However, that is not the purpose of this thread. I merely wanted to see how many like-minded people there were here at ET who regard ZZZzzzzzzz as the asshole that he presents himself to be. Baron regards threads that "degrade" other members as inappropriate. However, ZZZzzzzzzz's persistently degrading posts somehow fly under that very radar. It's really quite a fascinating phenomenon, given that he has already been banned at least twice and is somehow presently immune from the very criteria that got him banned previously.

    Was I trying to degrade ZZZzzzzzzz? Not exactly. I just wanted to determine how many other people regard his conduct as being gratuitously degrading, thus qualifying him as an asshole. There is a difference.
  7. Thunderdog;

    As you can see, threads that "degrade" are just fine with Baron

    This one and some others are still open

    Really too bad..Trader28....ZZzzzzz...Ghostzapper...and who knows how many other aliases come and go at will....

    I talked to a couple of sponsors about this and they were very frank with me.....its all about the number of hits (page views). They could (almost) care less what the content is as long as the page views are there.

    The rest is just BS

    My suggestion...there are plenty of alternatives...find one that works for you....thats what i did....

    See ya
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Actually, they're not ok. And since you haven't complained about them until now, they've just been deleted. Thanks.
  9. Indeed, much of it is. And I suppose that some members are simply more prolific producers of bovine excreta than others. Who would have thought that ZZZzzzzzzz and those like him produce such fertile conditions for ET's sponsors to flourish?
  10. maxpi


    ZZZzzzzzz ad nauseum degrades the site, the site degrades him, if he is happy with that why interfere??
    #10     Sep 5, 2007
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