My plays for Friday and Monday - AS I promissed Tony

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  1. TonyOz


    The answer is too long - lots of charts, so please use this link:

    Have a great trading week everyone, and thanks for the support. I will visit once in a while when I get break from trading and ...

    Trade Smart!

    I forgot this one, you can download the calculator for free at
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  2. Tony,

    Great trading lesson on the link. Wish I'd had you 10 years ago, you'd have saved me some bucks. You've spent an awful lot of time helping people here and I'm sure we all appreciate it greatly.
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    It's great that you're helping the trading community. I hope you get into the next Market Wizards book!
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  4. I just wanted all of you to know that I get just as much out of my interaction with you (on the boards) as you do.

    As many of you know, I took last week completely off. The reason was that I needed a break to get back to my normal comfort level of trading. As I mentioned before, I wasn't losing money, but making money on small relative positions for me.

    While on my break, this board has been a blessing. I got to talk trading both on this board and off the board with members of ET. It made the break time much "easier" than it would normally have been. And I wanted to thank you all for that.

    Special thanks to Magna, Sniper, TradeCourse, and Hitman. My phone conversation with you were just what the doctor (my wife) has ordered for me.

    After this last week I'm confidant that I will be taking money out of the market this coming week. Unfortunately, I just found out that I will have to wait one more day, because I have to support a friend Monday morning in LA. But I will give it all I got Tue-Fri.

    Trade Smart everyone!
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  5. This was an email I received from Tony.

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  6. Thank you snipeer 4 sharing that with us. :)
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  7. Now I think I can actually trade on Monday.
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  8. LOL, I'm with you on that one.
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