My platform is xTrader. Is it any good?

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    I don't quite like it, but don't have any complaints either as I never used other platforms and can't compare. It does take up a lot of system memory though.
    I trade with velocity, and it's the only free platofmr, I guess you get what you pay for.
  2. It's the best, or at the VERY least one of the top 2 or 3 platforms out there.
  3. It's probably the best platform I've used over the years. These days though some of the other platforms are close enough that I don't chose to pay the price for X. Currently I use Ninja with the Trading Technologies data feed.
  4. Take a look at the T-4 software by advantage future or by lotus broker
    It,s a preety good software
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    Wow, one of the best???
    I would've never guessed.
    Maybe I should go back to the Help file and read up on all its features again :D

    What are the other in the best group? I know Ninja prolly is.
  6. If you like Velocity Futures then take a look at the Velocity Futures clone DBA

    They have 5 free platforms with X_Trader being the most expensive per RT.

    Platform All-In (Round Trip)

    NinjaTrader $3.80
    Strategy Runner $3.80
    QST $3.80
    CQG $3.80
    X_TRADER $4.80
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    Website no work.

    I pay 5$ RT. I never knew XTrader was considered to be such a good platform. Goes to show how ignorant I am so far in my trading "career".
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    well, try 2 things.. if you are able to do that, good man, if not, you will agree with me, that X-trader is not up to date anymore (=bullshit):

    1) try toconfigureevery order you need to do with hotkeys (try to: buy market order = arrow up, sell market = arrow down, close trade = arrow right, reverse = arrow left)...
    (my platform does it for 60 USD/year)

    2) try to configure a market order with a stop loss (single click!!), then close the trade (with single click!!!), the stop loss should be canceled automatic (with out clicking around)

    you will not be able to do that with Xtrader

  9. An extra period snuck in at the end. It is

  10. And what are the monthly platform fees for each ?

    Clone ? you mean FB is VF ?
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