My Plan to go Prop in Chicago

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by lptrader, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    Long time lurker. I have obtained good nuggets of advice and direction here amongst the sarcasm and humor. Now looking for a little input on what I am doing.

    I've been studying the markets for about 2 years, mostly futures. I have decided that going prop is the best way to speed up my learning curve. I'm a visual learner so working with a good group of guys is how I'll be most successful vs just studying and experiementing on my own forever. I'd like to go back on my own at some point though. I'm 27 now, no debt, no family and no obligations other than eating and a roof over my head.

    My current job is a project management role with a market research company. It's high stress, detail oriented and an environment that requires you to be proactive.

    To make the jump to trading I figure I need more than what I have done. I have ordered study materials for the Series 3 since it doesn't require sponsorship. Once I get that under my belt I am going to study for the Series 7 and then start applying to prop firms ready to take the exam, since I know you have to pass it.

    The opinion I am looking for is am I on a track that will help me reach my goal?
  2. If you have been studying futures, is that what you would like to trade? If so, a series 7 is not required at any of the futures prop firms I know of in Chicago.