My Plan (part two)

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    A few of you may remember way back when, I opened a thread called MY PLAN, which you can read here:

    Well, I thought I would give an update as to how things turned out. I sold all the real estate I owned except for one house which is on the market now. If I sell that final house I will take that money and buy one in another town which I'd rather live. I'm very glad I sold all of the real estate, it all was a headache. I doubt very many of you have owned four houses, but believe me its hard to maintain them all. The fact that their all in different states adds to the difficulty. After I sold the houses for about 650 k I put about a third of that in spy, a third in dia, and a third in a basket of stocks that I chose. I am up 29 percent at the time I am typing. I just wish I could of unloaded the real estate sooner, because I only participated in half this rally.

    I was planning to trade 55k. Well that 55 k turned in to 60 k by the time I with drew it. I decided to pay off some of my moms debt, spend a few thousand on a few things I needed and a few things I wanted, trade with 25k and leave the rest in a bank account. I have been trading since june and I am up 5k at time of typing. I swing trade stock and options and choose quality stocks for the long term. The former I do with 25k and the latter I do with about 300 k.

    I am so glad I didnt listen to all the garbage advice I got here. If I would have kept the real estate where would I be now? So many morons said KEEP THE REAL ESTATE. They thought the housing market would outperform the stock market. VERY WRONG. Stocks are up over 50%, real estate has gone NOWHERE.

    I am going to start a journal of my trades that I make with my 30k. I will do all my trades real time. Dont you think it will be cool to watch how an 18 year old trades?
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    Wow, not very humble huh? So you made a few percentage points on a bear market rally?

    I predict you'll piss away 80% of your net worth within 3 years.
  4. Hester,

    Nice move on the real estate sale. I like my house and am glad to still own it but I wished that there would have been a way for me to short it several years ago then buy it back later. Post away.

    Good luck in your trades
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    Bear market rally huh? I don't think this market is going to rally another 50 percent near term, but it will certainly not get anywhere near the lows of this bear market. I will not lose 80 % because unlike you I think with a level head and don't get all emotional about the market. Good like on that double dip permabear.
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    I've been long since March and that's not some hindsight bullshit either. Not to say I can pick bottoms/tops, that's not my point.

    My point is don't let a nice run in a hot market (I've caught it too), cause you to think you've got everything figured out.

    Whether it's a V or a W it really doesn't matter to me. I'm not a permabear by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Can't wait for part 3
  8. Hester, the advice in keeping some of the houses was not stupid nor bad advice. It was wise advise, advise to preserve your capital, you just do not see it yet.

    My house was a fixer upper purchased a few years before the bubble for 75k paid in full. Another 10k into repairs and is now worth 130 to 140k right now. Have been in it for 6 years now. If things look up it may be worth 160k if things keep looking up.

    The housing market is a sound investment for your life future. To preserve capital and build wealth in the long term. No, not 6 months. 5 to 20 years. Many many of the wealthy people are wealthy today because of their house they bought 20 years ago.

    You do not have the experience to continually make money in the market, and you don't know this yet. I know everyone sounds like they know it all. How could they when your showing us how it's done right?

    Just think for a minute about it. We have more experience then you. Doesn't mean we are smarter, just means we realize the dangers that are possible in the markets.

    When everyone on the street says it's rosy, time to get out. and watch as they all lose.

    In the end, I wish you the best of luck and hope you do make it investing in stocks. :D

  9. Mach4-1


    OK u little shit one gives a sweet fuk about u or ur little real estate..but i like ur attitude:D

    start ur little journal of live trades and i might just help u out..for...not like the rest of the dumb ass traders on this site (bar 10 individuals)...i do have some accumulated knowledge that can help a little shit head like u...believe it or not:)

    as for ur plan..fuk that...plans are a total waste of fukin time and are just more of the same old shite THAT THE IDIOTS TALK ABOUT...the money is made in the action... not in the plans:eek:

    now...u must have a logical approach...which is no way near the same thing as a plan...but try and ask the experts here what the fuk i am on about and they will give u every excuse under the sun..and the reason being...they are clueless:D

    now..put up or shut the fuk up...if you are the little shit head i think u are then u will act fast...if not..then i was wrong...and u are no better than the rest of the monkeys out there:D
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    Under no thirty year period has real estate or bonds outperformed the stock market. Thirty years is half of how long I plan to hold 2/3 of my money in stocks. And that 2/3 is not in individual stocks. Its in spy and dia. Later I'll diversify to small and mid cap indices as well. Even if I get wiped out with the 1/3 I plan to invest and the 30k i am trading with I will be fine. And you do not have to pay property taxes or repair a leaky roof when you own SPY.
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