My Plan For Iraq

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  1. Since it is apparent the administration is out of ideas, I offer my own plan to stabilize Iraq.

    1. Tell the Kurds northern Iraq is theirs, provided they cool it in supporting insurgencies in Turkey. Encourage them to use their new-found oil wealth to destabilize Iran however.

    2. Redeploy our troops or bring in new ones if needed to secure the southern Iraq oil fields. Until such time as a stable and friendly Iraq emerges, we will manage those reserves in trust for the Iraqi people. Of course, as any trustee would do, we will take a cut for our own expenses.

    3. Put most of our remaining troops on the Syrian and Iranian borders. That will both cut down on infiltration and focus those countries attention on the downside of continuing to cause trouble.

    4. Secure main roadways around the Baghdad airport and capital area by prohibiting general traffic on them and establishing wide buffer zones to inhibit planting of IED's.

    5. Concentrate our use of force on the sectarian militias, such as the sadr brigades. Use massive airpower to destroy them, their mosques and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    6. Tell the new Iraqi government that they will hold office only to the extent they avoid corruption and control violence.

    7. Arrest summarily any clerics who foment violence or insurrection.

    8. Expel most of the press corp and make it clear to those who are allowed to remain that their presence in the country is a privilege, not a right, and they will be expelled if their dispatches are deemed unhelpful.

    9. Tell the American people that Iraq is a focal point on the global war against islamofascism, and that these measures are necessary to achieve victory.
  2. What is victory? How will we know it when we see it, in other words what are the objective parameters of "victory" so that we know when we arrive there?
  3. All in all, not bad suggestions, AAA. There would be serious issues you'd have as a result, but I like it. For instance, establishing a Kurd state in Northern Iraq would upset Turkey in a very big way, as their Kurds would inevitably want a part of that.
  4. There's a big truck stop with " V " on the billboard. When we get there, you'll know it. Until then, sit down and shaddup. And stop hitting your sister.
  5. My own plan

    To secure all oil reserves.
    To wage psychological warfare to any who oppose US authority.


    Sterilize the nation of Ireck down to a maximum of 50,000 Ireckie nationals within 1 year.
    Populate the sterilized inhabitable real estate with Anglo US citizens through a homestead provision.

    Victory is achieved when the worlds population are citizens one country.

    There! How hard was that?
  6. Do you have one more spot open on your "ignore" list? Please?
  7. Don't worry, if your past posting is any indication of the boredom to come, you'll be there shortly!
  8. As soon as you are able to remove your finger from where it's currently located, get on with the ignore button.

    the only thing holding you back is yourself.
  9. Odd how your plan doesn't include:

    All the freaking repugnantcans getting up and saying that they were wrong, and are not to be trusted...

    Someone needs to say the "buck stops here" and take responsibility for the screw-ups.

    Why does Rusmfeld have a job?

    Why are the neocons still having a voice that anyone listens to?

    Why doesn't Cheney admit that he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

    At least Bush could stand up and say "I trusted these advisers, and they were wrong" and save face...

    Instead all we get is the limp dick response of "Stay The Course."

    In addition, credit needs to be solidly given to those who opposed the war in the first place, those who voted against funding it and giving Bush the power to wage it, those patriots who protested it also deserve credit for standing tall in the face of regressive neocon repugnantcan criticism....

    and all you freaking repugnantcans owe an apology to John Murtha.

    He has been saying redeployment months, and months, and months...

    and the chickenhawks called him a "cut and run" Marine.


  10. bsmeter


    LOL! Talk about simple minded bull shit.

    This type of simple minded bull shit is why the Americans are getting their ass kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan by people throwing stones.

    Your number 1 means an invasion of "Kurdistan" ( a non-country that never existed in history ) by the Turkish army ( no you retarded idiot, the turkish politicians won't have a say in the invasion. The army will invade the next day) And also an secret invasion by the Iranians using secret agents to destabilize your new "kurdistan".

    It's obvious you don't have a clue on how the dynamics of that region work. Also the rest of your child like suggestions are the biggest non solutions ever.

    Your Title Should have read

    MY NON-PLAN FOR IRAQ - From the armchair bored chickenhawk general AAA :D
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