MY plan for America 2100

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  1. Hello,

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    In this video it show a compromise that could work for all.

    2 Direction :

    a) Best food in the world ( gmo free, toxin free ) purely clean ( will be worth a lot if the people of the world continue to pollute and destroy their land ).

    b) Space Expansion ( tech, indus, all ) but cleanly and respectfully of the Earth (pollution wise )

    But look at the end, no one care if hants can sort tinny screw ! Usefull consumption of ressources to expand.

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  2. instead of engaging in arms manufacturing like WW2 to revitalize the economy, why dont we engage in a space race instead, channel massive funds for the research of terraforming, nuclear propulsion for space travel etc.Everyone should be working for NASA or a related industry. We need to be thinking of ways to get off this planet soon, global warming or not, there are simply not enough resources to satisfy all of us.
  3. The are no trees, no animals, no food, no water outside earth. Human beings cannot survive outside earth.
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    Democracy and Capitalism within the context of Global Economy is not suitable and scalable. Hope somebody finds a comprehensive solution.
  5. What are comets made of then?

    It's a little naive to say there are no trees or animals or food outside the earth. How many solar systems have we visited? Oh yeah...NONE. It kind of like saying there are no towns outside of your town if you lived in the same place all your life. We need to explore and find out whats out there.
  6. Oh not Nasa please, imagine what would have been the computer industry if it was affected by an organisation the size of Naza...
    The space and computer industries started at the same time, but how far one as gone compared to the other... Why ? Freemarket ?

    The video suggests something interresting about the study done on the spaceship...
    Why ?
    I don't even remember why this guy is on my ignore list :).

    Water Ice on Mars :

  7. mahadiga


    99% people in any democratic nation cannot vote according to their conscience.
    And capitalism is not scalable in globalized economy because

    American capitalism - Human rights = Chinese capitalism
    American capitalism + Wage slavery = Indian capitalism
  8. Correctamundo.

    Dreamers envision "colonizing Mars or our moon"... the fact is that to do so would mean we'd have to "manufacture our environment"... temperature, breathable air, food sources, etc. Not a "snowball's chance in Hell"! One error or malfunction with the "environmental control", and EVERYBODY DIES!... not to mention the cost of such a project.

    And to think of places further than our nearest neighbors.... by the time we got there, our bones would have turned to mush.

    Unless we come up with a "warp drive" (multiples of the speed of light), we ain't going ANYWHERE...