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  1. I seriously want to know what I am posting that is so wrong? Some days I get by with chicks almost completely naked and then there are days like this one, (corsets) when I KNOW you guys just took down pics of girls's backs (literally their backs- not ass!)

    Are you doing it to make me mad because it sure is working?!! I spend a lot of time looking for these pics and extra time making sure they are appropriate for this site. Will one of you PLEASE write me back and give me the exact "rules" I can guess the obvious ones, but it seems like some days you guys get a little "technical" or is it just one of you, or you had a bad day trading so you take it out on me? I am not tying to be augmentative but COME ON? Corsets? At least HALF of the pictures were taken down.

    If I would've even thought they were going to be a problem, I would've saved them and posted them on my own personal thread but they got deleted, now I have lost all copies of those pics.:( :(

    Like I said, I am not trying to be pissy, but I want to know WHY?? And also will ALL mods PLEASE go by the same rules, instead of one letting anything go, and another take half down??
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    I didn't remove any of those pics myself, but just for the record, mods PLEASE leave RCG's thread alone. I happen to like it :)
  3. Can you please post those naked pictures of women to this thread so we can come to an informed decision as to what might be wrong with them? We should look at the pictures first and then come to an informed judgement as to whether they are right or wrong.
  4. Beauty! Well said! RCG's Girl pics are very classy and much of the photography is a very high standard.
  5. I'll second that. Or third?
  6. HEAR HEAR Chief!!!

    Now pull your shorts off the ankles and get back to work:D
  7. what a hapless wanker :D

  8. Are you female or male, straight or gay?

  9. Yeah, in your younger days we remember when you got the job as a janitor at a girl's dorm and you exclaimed in disbelief, "gosh I get paid too?"
  10. You forgot to ask what color, nationality, religion, age, disabled, etc...
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