My Payback to Ford Motor Co.

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  1. I firmly believe in sharing my consumer experiences, good and bad. Caveat Emptor. This went to Ford, at their request, I might add.

    I have a Ford xxxxxxx with 68000 miles on it. The Dealer that sold it to me told me, because you no longer manufacture an "engine compartment wiring harness", your car's not worth anything". come on over, and get another one. I kept my mouth shut. But after of week of being jerked around by their parts department, having your 'customer care' dept do nothing for me (they wouldn't even get me a parts number), you can imagine how enamored I am with your brand. And I owned a 56 tbird, and a 66 Mustang GT a few years ago.

    Until you learn how to treat people, until you learn how business is conducted in small communities........I'll leave you with the words I told your phone rep......."now do you see why you can't sell a car?"

    This is probably the worst consumer experience I've had in my life. I'll be sure it gets around. It's only fair to the next person who considers dealing with Ford Motor.
  2. I got racheted around by the toyota dealer the other day. So what are you gonna do.:(
  3. The dealers that truly believe in customer service, or are located in areas that are vast, (major metro areas) will probably survive. Those that never believed their own hype deserve to perish.
    I should add, I spent nearly 20 years in dealerships, and auto salvage.
  4. They won't give me a part number. That's the stupid part.

    Iforgot my Mother was here one of the days I was fighting these idiots. She called me and said , "Somebody at the VA was going to buy a Ford. They aren't now."

    I was thinking of taking the car to a lot. Adn selling swings of a sledgehammer for five bucks a piece, proceeds to St. jude. Then, I'd post signs, get some news coverage..........
  5. Adn selling swings of a sledgehammer for five bucks a piece, proceeds to St. jude.

    lol. Reminds me of Richard Pryor all coked up and shooting his car. Dang, I was jealous.
  6. Great bit. GREAT>

    If I remember correctly.......

    "I'm leaving you!!!!"

    "Not in this motherfucker you ain't......"

  7. Thanks for the heads up Fly. Sorry to hear they screwed ya.

    The best car customer service I have ever had is Infiniti. Blows away BMW and the US makers.

    I would buy from them again just for the easy hassle free service (plus I really like their autos).
  8. It's the stupidity of it that is so maddening. You can't fix stupid. Hell, they can't fix a car. LOL.
  9. you are funny. you buy a POS car run it into the ground for 65,000+ miles and prob no routine maintenance records then piss and moan when you can't re-sell for a fortune.

    that's funny :D
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