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    Hello all,

    It is my first post :)

    I want your thoughts on this:
    Do you feel that because your parents may have supported you when you were younger, that you "owe" it to them to support them now?

    (Pay the bills they run up etc, just because they did it for you when you were younger and unable to work)

  2. My daddy was a rolling stone, where ever he laid his head was his home..

    My mother was a lovely person but she just could not stop eating eating eating..I begged her to lose weight but she just kept telling me..."Handsome, I just love to eat and don't care how fat I get"

    May God keep blessing her fat little soul...I miss her greatly.

    So I can't answer your question but being sick myself, all I can say is all we have in this world is a few close friends and our family...just about everything else is nothing but pure take it from there.
  3. yes if they are not able to support themselves and you can afford it without hurting your family you should do whatever you can.

  4. If you're asking this in a forum like this.... go see a therapist. and yes, for god's sake, help them out and god help them for bringing up an ingrate son like yourself....
  5. \

    v well said--- handsome and hope you get better.
  6. I see you are a Family Doctor in your profile. Did your parents help
    you out with your education?

    You say that they "may" of supported you when you were young.
    Did they or didn't they? (I assume they did).

    If they are spending recklessly I would tell them to knock it off.
    Especially if you think they are taking advantage of you.

    If they just need help with regular bills then you should help them.

    Especially if it involves medical expenses like prescriptions, ect...

    The age of your parents should factor in your decision also. If they
    are retired and helpless in their income making abilities, you should
    take this into consideration.

    If they are still of working age, they should be spending what they
    earn and saving for retirement.

    Some parents will take advantage of their children. That is a fact.

    You have to figure out if this is what is happening or not.
  7. You are very vague and left out a ton of info.

    Therefore, I agree with what version77 said.

    You mention nothing about their age, employment situation, didn't define what you meant by runup their bills, your occupation, ability to help nor did you explain what they did for you when you were younger or unable to work.

    Simply, depending upon that missing info...

    I could say No or Yes.

    For example, what did you menat by younger and unable to work???

    Are you talking about them raising you from a baby until the age when you were able to legally work for employment?

    Are you talking about them paying for your post university education???

    Are you talking about them paying your legal debts???

    This is what I meant when I say you didn't include some critical details.

    Also, do you have siblings and what's there financial situation???

    Just be careful, if they need help (depending upon what type of help it is) and you say NO.

    I've met some people that have turned around and excluded that person from their WILL and left whatever remains of their estate with another relative or close family friend.

    There are many ways you can financially help a relative without physcially giving them cash.

    Once again, your question was too vague.

    You may just as well said the following...

    If a family member gives me a cookie when I was I obligated to give that same family member a cookie at a later date when I'm an adult

  8. NO you do not "owe" your parents. It was not your choice to be born. Having said that I am taking care of my mother. Why? no real idea except I feel I have no choice. She has no where else to go except a NH and she will go there eventually. Ultimately you do what makes you feel morally right. No other person can tell you what is right. You "feel" it. good luck