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  1. Hi all
    Trading of more than 7 years. I have extensive experience in the foreign exchange market. During this time, i got my own trading system. Why am I writing all this to you? I want to prove that the perfect trading exists. Lets begin:
    1. You tell me a pair of currencies(whatever u want)
    2. Choose any time frame (as anyone interested) and of course all this is FREE. Good luck
  2. But the sales pitch will follow if these "FREE" calls accidentally make a bit of money. Of course with one post, how can this not be sincere? So label this:



  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So funny!:D
  4. Visitors


    yes this is prelude to spam

    sometimes though some poor noob thinks he has a good strategy or indicator and wants to share out of pure noobness

    just like spam, that too is worthless
  5. 1. Since you said to pick whatever I want, here's my choice. I am particularly fond of the MNTKZT pair (for the uninitiated, that's Mongolian Tugrik vs Kazakhstani Tenge exchange rate).

    2. Don't care about the timeframe.

    Do your magic!
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    I feel sorry for you!

    Nobody cares to know why you write this!
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    I'm new to this forum but i see that SPAM is also here like all forums.
  8. What is the next relative low (meaning a temporary low before the price changes direction again) on the EUR/USD?