My own personal FannieMae buyback program

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Come on Fannie Mae haters!!! FNM will double or triple from this point. Get your shares now. Its not going bankrupt. Look, just buy it. Buy a little...
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    Are we talking about the same financial company who loses trillions of dollars? I thought you were talking about maybe a high tech company with the same name (Fannie Mae) with lots of innovative products that will tripple in price. The only good thing about Fannie Mae is that goverment for his own sake will not let it belly up but it won't feed it enough to double or tripple.:p
  3. Right......

    This rally is going to be over sometime next week. You will then be a bag holder.
  4. Last friday, after declaring your remarkable trade of buying in the "4s" and selling in the "8s" that you valued FNM at 20.....I asked you to give us a break down as to how you arrived at that number and you never responded...

    Your suggestion that it will double or triple ,which is one hell of a difference, is simply off the wall as ,although the govt will not let it fail, there is no reasonable possibility that equity holders will be protected. The equity in FNM is ,for all intent and purposes , will only be a matter of time....
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    We might see multiple times of hitting $10 by closing tomorrow because of option expiry date.
  6. He loaded up at $20, he is a major bag holder.....

  7. The only bag he holds is a supermarket bag.

    He is not a traders' left tit....:mad:
  8. I KEEP BUYING MORE. I feel like I am going to have some kind of special voting power with FNM soon. Its time to load up!!!
  9. So... how's that trade working out for ya?
    Hey, look on the bright side: At least you're not stuck long oil!
    Oooops... Sorry. Actually, you are.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. :D
  10. LMFAO!

    Portie the Clown doesn't have anymore clever quips? No more jokey jokes for us?
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