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Discussion in 'Options' started by Multioption, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. Sorry folks....just feel like throwing here my options play.

    Just got filled on an order...
    Options' symbol:OCT 35 Call, .CHSJG
    Underlying security: CHS
    Filled price: Limit 2.40
    Time: 9:58:01AM

    High risk trade due to theta. If volatility collapses, I will bail out at 2.00, but it is likely the stock will climb to $40/share before October 18th - expiration day.
  2. Just bailed out on CHS Oct 35 Call @ $3.60.

    Will post new trades as soon I get on board!
  3. I'm trying to grow a small account to 100K by December 2005. The account started at 10K in September 2005. I had DIA and AVID options that posted some but small profits.

    Let's watch and see if I would make it to 100K by December ending. I've done it before on several occasions but this will be in the full glare of the public.
  4. sps_45


    Damn man you have some serious risk tolerace or maybe I am just small time. My largest trade so far is long Jan 2006 INTC 25 calls; 12 contracts. Right now I am taking about a 1k loss, but I am staying with it, because I am a strong believer of INTC. Nice job on the 5k.
  5. Choad


    Nice work if you can get it!

    But how many times have you busted out on the $10K?


  6. Actually, I have a lot to reveal but let me prove my aplomb first. I've not busted any 10K account. I started trading options for a living in 1996 and have posted mind boggling returns since then. I'll show screenshots of my account taken some years back, but in December.
  7. Choad


    Looking forward to it! :)

    Let's kick up the ole Options Forum a notch!

    Good trading to all.

  8. I buy outright options (Calls or Puts) in excess of 200 contracts, and I'm shooting for 1,000 contracts by 2006 March. I may appear foolish and stupid buying options because many options traders assume that 90% of options buyers lose money. I put in place partial or full recovery adjustment plans should my trades go awry, but they hardly do!
  9. qiuniu


    Hey, I'm really new; only been studying options since the end of August. Had a pretty good day though, every thing I owned finished up.


    Gonna watch closely.
  10. qiuniu


    Anyone still reading this forum?
    #10     Oct 5, 2005
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