My Options Play II

Discussion in 'Options' started by novel20, May 1, 2006.

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    The original thread has been closed, so I am starting a new one so Multioption can provide his updates. :D

    Currently I think he is down about $12,000 on AMD July 37.5 calls averaged at $1.60. Multioption, are you still here? What adjustments are you going to make now?

    Looking forward to you reply. Good luck!
  2. I'm here...would love to continue posting on the original thread but for some ET members....

    I will update on AMD when the position is closed! :)

    My expectation is for AMD to trade at 36+ by May06 ending.
  3. I think a better thread title would be "Gambling With Options". "My Options Play" doesn't fit Multioption's trading style.
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    Multioption, looks like your AMD Jul 37.5 calls are coming back to life. Any potential adjustments?
  5. Hanging on to AMD July 37.50 Calls! Will update when I close the trade.
  6. I suggest you post 2 options' strategies that are risk free.
  7. Zombies also come "back to life".

    There isn't any risk free option strategies.
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    has the upside been greater than the time decay loss
  10. cnms2


    The option ... "not to trade". :)
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