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  1. Just the place I'm looking options. Let's gamble. Already put in 2 trades below.

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    Symbol Description Stock Qty Avg Price Price Change Value Gain/Loss $ Action
    HPQ NovWk4 27 PutHPQ NovWk4 27 Put HEWLETT PACKARD CO 26.83 3 $1.31 $1.30 0.65 $390.00 -3.00

    PSS Dec11 14 CallPSS Dec11 14 Call COLLECTIVE BRANDS INC 13.62 3 $1.05 $0.95 -0.05 $285.00 -30.00

    Total: $675.00 -33.00


    Total Gain/Loss: -33.00
    Total Cash: $2,011.98
    Account Value: $2,686.98

    My account just completed set up and funds wired in last week are finally set to trade. Yep, only $2,750.00, but I want $4,000 by end of the year. This should be doable after watching gains everyone else on here has put. Here's to wishing for a Santa rally on my account.
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  2. Closed out both options. I thought the chart on PSS looked riped for a rebound, but I guess not in this market.
    total loss was about -363.06. Lesson learned. Get better trades.

    Total Cash: $2,386.94
    Account Value: $2,386.94
  3. Ever think about going to Las Vegas ? It has the same kind of excitement as you expected from your trade, at least you get free food there. :cool:
  4. PSS/HPQ is not candidate for option trading.

    your account size is big enough for option trading. the problem is you are in "test and see" mindset, that is a loser's mind.

    look at those 100+ stocks, like amzn, aapl,pcln,crm...or just spy.

    or those bio-tech companies, they "boom" they burst, even you donot use option you still can gain unthinkable gain. there are good option trades there.

    love risk, must a true gambler. then you can win. do not put yourself in the"test it and see" mode. wall street honors true BULLs or BEARS. those hogs/sheep are slaughtered.

    in this mode, you will end up losing this large capitol pretty quick.

  5. lol
  6. It's a test. I want to be in options though.....I'd consider this a $2750 experience.

    I did put in new trades, again, I want to see if I can hit it off. After all, this is at best a 50 win/50 loss game, just trying to limit losses and increase gains.

    DLTR Dec11 77.5 CallDLTR Dec11 77.5 Call DOLLAR TREE INC 77.65 2 $2.20 $2.15 0.40 $430.00 -10.00 Trade | Roll | Chain | More
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    NUAN Dec11 23 CallNUAN Dec11 23 Call NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS INC 23.58 3 $1.30 $1.25 0.50 $375.00 -15.00 Trade | Roll | Chain | More
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    TIF Dec11 75 CallTIF Dec11 75 Call TIFFANY AND CO 73.98 3 $3.40 $3.35 1.95 $1,005.00 -15.00 Trade | Roll | Chain | More
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    Total: $1,810.00 -40.00

    that's what I got above. dltr dec 77.5 call, nuan dec 23 call, and tif dec 75 call, bought them this morning and hoping the market does turn around from here so I can hit something right. I guess I can say you throw it all out there and hope to hit something.
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    Less guessing more waiting for good opportunities maybe. Don't just throw your money at stuff.
  8. IVtrader


    to a seasoned profitable option trader, that amount of capital would be fine IF he/she so choose to fund with that small an amount. as you are just starting out, in my opinion you are WAY under-capitalized. the next combined 10 trades you do will need a win/loss of probably better than 80%win/20%oss or you will need to either stop trading or re capitalize your account

    good luck
  9. his account size is good enough. just he does not have the winning attitude. I do not think he can roll.

    each day, lost two digits, after a couple month, we will never see him.

    option's leverage is far more than 10 folds. that means his account size is more than 30k. around 35k~45k!

    I would suggest him to go with propertary trading firm. deposit it there. or waste it there

  10. Well, took a big loss on TIF calls, -$966.03 was the actual loss for that trade. But DLTR and NUAN are up the past 2 days and I'm still above $2000. I take that $600 loss as a learning curve. I'm still looking into the retail trades. So I sold 1 of the DLTR call to give me enough cash to take on 2 ULTA dec 70 calls. My net realized loss is $1,061.57, still have high hopes for that $4,000 target by end of year.

    And thanks for the advice guys.....I've put everything into paper so that I can review it all for the new year.
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