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  1. Quadruple-witching day. Winter solstice. Very mild (60°F) and heavy rain.

    Looks like the quadruple witches put the Molasses Spell on the market. I've seen lava lamps with more motion than this.
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    Agreed, spent the morning "surfing" the web.
  3. Dustin Cruise, chief analyst at Rainman Securities, issued a downgrade on K-Mart (NYSE:KM; Other OTC:KMRTQ.PK) following its delisting from the New York Stock Exchange after 84 years. In a memo to himself, Cruise commented: "K Mart sucks. Definitely. Definitely sucks."
  4. No trades today. IB is down again. It's this way every saturday! Getting frustrated thinking about all the potential trades I'm missing each week. I should start looking for another broker that lets me trade on saturdays. Taking the rest of the day off, since I can't trade my IB account today anyhow. :mad:
  5. quit blaming IB, every saturday is maintenance day.
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    What do you trade on Saturdays?
  7. Reuters Weekend Edition
    The Stock Market Is Crap
    By Pierre Belec

    If you're expecting the stock market to go up (or "rally", in technical jargon) you're a sucker! The stock market is crap. I told you that last week. And I told you that the week before. And the week before that. And the week before that. Did you listen? No! You're a bunch of suckers! Well, don't come back crying when it crashes and say I didn't tell you so. The stock market is a bunch of crap! (p.s. I will remind you again next week, just in case you forget)

    (Pierre Belec is a freelance writer. Any opinions expressed in his column are solely those of Mr. Belec)
  8. Snow time, like the presents

    Snow more chopping daze til crispness
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    is this a haiku?
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    Could you comment on this please? I know of no markets outside of Taiwan that is open on Saturdays - this includes Globex.
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