My official GOOG prediction

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  1. I will try and keep this short, but would like to hear some feedback on this...

    I believe google is entering it's third rectangle (with an upward trend) and that there will be either two points in which it breaks out of the new resistance (looking to be about 425-435 currently)

    1) It will break out from its earnings report of the 4th qtr. (at that time, the resistance/support range should be about 425-450). However, in this scenario, I believe that it will reverse into a drop towards 350. If you read my post on my goog fundamental analysis, I do not think they will do as expected, but still do well.

    2) There will be a false breakout on the 4 qtr reports (again downwards), and then return to its trading range until the end of april. At that point, it's trading resis/suppt. range (continuing the upward trend) should be around 480-500. At that point, a breakout will occur but I can not much any predictions now as to which direction.

    other notes: the previous 3 retangle patterns have had about the same upward slope...looking forward to seeing what this slope should be.

    personal note: long google with stop @ 410
  2. attachment didnt go...
  3. well either this is a sound prediction or nobody cares to comment.

    strengthing this prediction is the downgrade google received today which should put further resistance around 425-430.
  4. I bought puts for June 06 @ 430 strike. I think market will start to weaken around late december to late january. Looking to sell puts when GOOG hits 370
  5. how much did those June puts cost you?
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    I agree with a lot of what you are saying and I have been buying the FEB '06 520 & 530Calls. GOPLV & GOPLW

    Way too much momentum behind this stock and I think the QTR will be a blowout and we should see there cash position grow past 10 billion plus they are not going to split the stock...NEVER so eventually there will be buyers that just HAVE to own this at the current levels.
  7. 47.20 yesterday. I'll probably cover at if it goes to 25.

    I only own 2 puts so it's not gonna be a millionaire making trade nor will it make me broke :)
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    I humbly think you are pissing into the wind.
  9. we all think differently that's why this market is interesting - otherwise, GOOG will be worth $2000.00 a share right now if we all bought.

    Check back on this thread in a few months.
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    Thats why I love this business that we are in brotha because there is always a different opionion and someone else may have a better take on a situation.

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