My nq price action method

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  1. slugar


    This is my 1st attempt at a trading journal and I will be trading the nq with price action only. For Tuesday I see 3088 as an important level, then 3099 and 3108 if we get that. I will look to make trades based off of support and resistance lh, hh ll and hl. If anyone wants to post on my journal please do so and bear with me this is my 1st attempt. Nodoji, dbphoenix, fortydraws, bighog,handle123 anyone yhat I've asked questions please give me your feedback.
  2. slugar


    I will also be using supply and demand lines that are pretty new to me so please don't hesitate to straighten me out.
  3. Throw up a chart from last week with support/resistance lines as you saw it.
  4. VictorS


    Cool. I agree, you should definitely post charts.

    Thanks and good luck.
  5. pokito


    Why the upward bias?
    Why not 3060, or even 3030? Just curious.
  6. slugar


    my support levels are 3056,3037,3027. I have no bias up or down I will be completely in cash at the close everyday. I will be trading 2 contracts taking 1 off at my 1st target and the 2nd when we either have a higher low or a lower high.
  7. slugar


    Here is the chart.
  8. slugar


    here's the 1 minute
  9. niko


    Good luck with your journey. My best wishes.
  10. fortydraws


    I'm looking forward to following along as you do this. Remember, your purpose initially is not to make trades, or even to identify possible trades, but to understand what traders are doing, where they are doing it, and which behaviors tend to resolve one way more often than another.

    Like Niko, I wish you all the best!
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