My next prediction. (The Euro to fall apart)

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  1. Everyone thought I was out of my mind when I predicted dow breaking 10K a few months ago.

    My next prediction.

    Severe Euro destabilization. I would not be surprised if you see Germany etc.. secede from the Euro and go back to national currency. It will be a domino effect. EU will squabble and fall apart and with it the Euro will go.

    This sounds crazy. But the ominous signs are already showing.
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    this sounds crazy.
  3. That is what they said about my prediction in march regarding the dow 10K break :)
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    Here's one. CNBC's UK talking head just mentioned anecdotal reports of UK credit cards being refused in parts of Germany and Poland.

    Where there's smoke, there's fire...
  5. You're right - it DOES sound crazy...
    But the crazy parts comes in where you are not backing up any of your predictions, just throwing them out there like the statements can stand on their own obviousness.

    Wow - that IS really crazy...
  6. your prediction was completely uninteresting.

    Subprime crisis, $600 trillion in insane leveraging worldwide

    Everyone knew we were in trouble.

    But somehow, you dazzle yourself because you have a keen grasp of the obvious

    Secondly, if it did not, you would have said nothing. These kinds of predictions is what newbie trader wannabes keep polluting ET with.
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    The U.S. has banks that are too big to fail, which is bad.

    Europe has banks that are too big to save, much worse.

    Things are just getting started. Should be real fun 'round election time...
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    Evidently, neither Paulson or Bernanke knew.

    Congress doesn't know anything.


    Bush doesn't know his ass from his elbow.

    But, everyone else did, and yet, they let it happen anyways...
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    I hope your right. I would love to go back to Italy and not have to pay twice as much for everything I did or ate while there. That is assuming the dollar doesn't slide right along w/it. Probably will though. (thats not a prediction :) )

  10. The Euro falling apart is a unlikely yet plausible possibility in my opinion. Where would that leave the major currencies? Has anyone got an opinion on what that would do to the dollar, sterling or the dollar versus the sterling?
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