My (NEXT) EUR/USD Short Trade

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sKaLpZ, May 13, 2005.

  1. Yeah, it was surprising.

    One moment I was looking at, next I glanced over and I'm, like, wtf??

    It wilted my woody.

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    TP was at 1.2370, never happened on oanda.

    next time try, it might keep you stout next time...

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  3. Nah, it doesn't get any better than
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    I've heard and pander to those who connoisseur as you do in the matters...

    as an aside, this being my first NFP participation, and consequently attention bearing session, is a spike and then a drop usual? Or once it moves in a direction due to NFP does it maintain there and trend wherever it will?

    Sorry for being dumb, but it seems that after being well over 40 pips up on my GBPUSD long, I'm now 15 pips down. Is this usual or cause for concern?

    Thanks in advance
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  5., and are owned by the same guy, I think.

    Regarding NFP number news - the price can go all over the place. nothing is permanent or lasting with these type spikes.

    I know a guy who knows a guy who trades specifically these types announcements.

    the rest of the time he spends on

    I don't know how he does it.

    regarding GBP/USD... you're 15-points down, eh?

    hm... I have a GBP/USD long trade that I am 1,130 points down.

    I'm waiting for bad news.
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    I think I heard about that guy, apparently he has a cross deal with and as well

    1130 points?? Well I've looked at the charts and read all the available data and I don't think you'll make it square by tonight... lol ;-)

    Well since its LT its got a chance of coming back, mine was an attempted ST, and altogether, GBPUSD and EURUSD, I was long and was a total of 110 pips up, then it just sunk, and I had a long order that I placed just before NFP get filled right at the top of the spike, that turned out to be the spike from hell as its nose diving ever since, as if the NFP data wasn't bad at all, more like it was data sent from God himself?

    Now, I really am a bit confused :-/
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  7. No, no, not that one. That one is owned by the founder of

    Yeah, isn't it interesting how God manages things? Yah got 13,000,000 forex traders all taking out trades in different directions and market goes against ALL of them.

    Is this trading session over yet?
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    Funny you should say that, confirming my worst forex fear:

    "that God is really is trading against me"

    Everytime I open a trade, it immediately and without exception, has gone against me, even though it looks like the populace of China is stampeding in that direction, it never ever continues once I hit the "stealmymoney" button to open a position...

    I've asked him whether he is, am waiting for him to revert with answer, but so far no denial leads me to think its true. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer as a deal so I can be left to trade unincumbered... given your statement that everyone suffers from this phenomena, I'm thinking a deal won't be done. Perhaps I'm too late, having sold most of my soul to the devil, I doubt there's anything left that God would even be remotely interested in.

    Ok you've just proven that you deserve to be invited to the best there is out there, its a members only thing though, like a clan:

    or are you already a member?
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  9. Yeah there were an awful lot of long positions that closed to a loss this week. This add to the downward momentum.

    But once the long are closed and the stops are hitten, you know what happens....

    Don't dream of the Euro going down forever! All the gains from last year have vanished, which is too much. Last time i heard, the US didn't solve it's problems.

    The bigger the drop, the bigger the bounce. It's simple physics :) I just had bad timing.
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  10. no, no, actually I'm not. Though when I started trading forex I inadvertantly signed up for a free membership at
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