My New Toy (XKey)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Dustin, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. Dustin


    As some of you know I recently switched from Cybercorp to AB Watley. The most difficult transition for me was from the point-and-click style with Cyber to the hotkey style of AB Watley.

    You can use point-and-click with AB but their layout is not efficient for it. On top of that, their hotkey layout is also pretty tough. For example you can "Buy SOES mkt" with F12, "short ARCA market" with CTRL F7, and "cover SOES mkt" with ALT F5. As you can see they use just about every combo...impossible to memorize (imo).

    So, I just stumbled upon this programmable 20-key (40 combo possible) from ($100). I thought some of you may be interested so check it out:
  2. Dustin with hot keys. Get labels on stick them on top of your keyboard. It makes it a lot easier.

  3. Dustin


    I tried that but the problem was the combination of keys that AB requires you to use...such as CTRL F9 just to cancel an order. I prefer one touch keys. It would be fine if it was like Cyber where you could set your own keys, but at AB it's all fixed.