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Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Keep in mind, I am just a beginning forex trader, 2012 (my first full year trading forex) was very good to me, due mostly to getting in just by acccident on the right side of the SNB peg (well, I was spread and my longs traded through my stops by at least 10 pips, but my shorts went on to glory) and the BOJ intervention (and some weird deal where I just happened to be long CHF on some kind of record day up, which was my first real money forex trade.)

    But almost like clockwork on Dec 31 or Jan 4 Immediately realized the forex mkt had changed, and what worked so well in 2012 wasn't going to work in 2013

    and sure enough Jan I just barely broke even, and Feb I have lost all of what I made in Dec 2012, Until last week, and so far it has been fantastic, 50 more weeks like this and I will be writing books

    and all I am doing is trading usd. Same techniques as 2012, but just trading usd, both long and short.

    Those fomc's can put a real cramp in your style, but if you survive, they also present very good opportunities

    after the minutes I never saw so much agony for those of us that were short, but it came back so far I had to take my profits and get long, and then that did the same thing, so I took my profits and now I am short again.

    I'm just trading aud, eur, gbp and cad. CHF is just too difficult to trade against eur and JPY has it's own deal going. I'll leave that to the gamblers.
  2. Have you tried following multiple currencies and then applying an aggregate to where to money is flowing?

    FX is about large entities and their appetite to risk. Example, you could have made some huge coin on the Yen pairs just prior to the Italian elections. People were getting nervous and there was a clear flight to safety.