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  1. I go long NDX calls when NDX is above an ascending 20 period EMA on a 5min chart. I use the rising EMA then as a trailing stop. Long NDX puts when the NDX is below a descending 20 EMA. These last few days this method has worked quite well.
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    Time to write a book, start a mentorship program, and advertise your seminars on late-night TV.

  3. My book would be just 1 page. I don't have much to say. Just simple trend following. I think I'll just keep trading instead.
  4. *sigh*

    Poster statement for "I am a newbie"

    Shortly followed by "Who is Jack Hershey and are his methods easy to follow?"

    Then, anyone try "Teach Me To Trade" or "Wize Trade"?

    Next we will hear is "Has anyone tried indicators? I read in Trading for Dummies that you can make quite a lot of money following them blindly. The more indicators you combine, the more successful you are."

    And then "Hey, the great thing about leverage is, instead of trying to make 9% in one year, you can max out your account, load up on a bunch of eminis at $500 a pop and make 9% in ten minutes!"

    The last thing we will hear is "I lost almost everything. Is there a broker who will accept my $150 to open an account?"
  5. :)
    I have been a full time trader for the last 4 years.
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    You could try to sell your method as this trader did.
  7. You guys are funny. I'm not trying to sell anything. This is one of the simplest trend following methods. I'm sure all real traders are aware of it. It works well when the market makes nice big swings. It fails when the market chops sideways. I was simply pointing out that in the current market environment it seems to work well, for all of you guys who are having trouble trading this market.
  8. ET is priceless.

    Guy comes along, posts a simple strategy.

    Then all of the sudden, Rcanfiel aka TraderZones aka Mr. All Systems Suck Ass criticizes the guy.


    Let me ask you..

    After bashing every strategy, every technique ever exposed on ET arent you ashamed of your latest "I will sell my elite system for 250k Stunt?"

    You should be as you go no idea how much of an ahole that post made you look.


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    I am so sick of some of the people here bashing other folks' methods or systems for one reason or other -- there are too many folks posting about how "it's too simple", "it's too complex", "he's an arrogant pig", "he sold his system and it's now commercialized" or whatever.

    Whether you're a newbie or experienced trader......when you find something that works for you......let me ask you something:

    (1) Does your method or system of trading work good enough for your needs and risk tolerances?

    (2) Are you competent enough to tweak that system or method as market conditions warrant so that as the situation changes, your method may change, but not your overall discipline to stick to your plan and methodology?

    (3) Does your trading system or method rely on a zillion indicators, just one, or none at all? Or only under certain conditions and certain markets?

    (4) Did you pay for the right to use that system, or "the secret", or a course/book that gave you the idea to trade how you are trading?

    and most importantly --

    (5) Are you pleased with your trading progress, diligence, and profitability thus far in your trading career using this system or methodology, whether it's using real money or simulated funds?

    No matter what your response to these questions, my response to you is this:

    WHO CARES? As long as the method YOU use works for you and provides ACCEPTABLE RESULTS for YOU (and nobody else) based on your trading goals and risk tolerances then all I, or anyone who considers themselves a respectable trader let alone a courteous human being, should simply say is "good job" and "good luck!"

    It doesn't matter if you use a simple MA crossover system, CCI, JH, simple RSI bounces, tick or time candles, or a Magic Eight Ball to find your buy/sell signals ... it's your system and your decision to use it.

    If it works well for you, who gives a fig what someone here, or anywhere, says or things about it. As long as you don't brag about it or flaunt it and come across as some shill, troll, or arrogant a--, I say "welcome to ET" and the world of trading.

    (Sorry for the rant tonight, folks)

  10. Great Post!
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