My New Laptop System - Please Critique

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  1. Here are specs of my new system.

    Any thoughts on Dell Precision vs Dell XPS vs Dell Inspiron

    What do you guys think of my specs? Anything I should change or add?


    Dell Precision M4300

    Date 6/25/2008 8:19:07 PM Central Standard Time

    Catalog Number 4 Retail 04

    Catalog Number / Description Product Code Qty SKU Id

    Dell Precision M4300:
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9500 (2.60GHz) 6M L2 Cache, 800MHz Dual Core M4266 1 [223-5271] 1

    Operating Systems:
    Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Bonus-Windows® XP Professional loaded XP3VUNP 1 [467-4321] 11

    Hardware Support Services:
    3 Year ProSupport for End Users and 3 Year NBD On-site Service Q3PY 1 [990-1538][987-3862][987-8280][990-1537][983-8252][989-3449][984-4780] 29

    NVIDIA Quadro FX 360M, 512MB Turbo Cache memory (256 dedicated) NVQG86 1 [320-5486] 6

    LCD Panel Options:
    15.4 inch Wide Screen WXGA Anti-Glare LCD Panel 15WX 1 [310-9107] 2

    4.0GB, DDR2-667MHz SDRAM, 2 DIMMS 4G2D6 1 [311-7223] 3

    Hard Drives:
    320GB Hard Drive, 9.5MM, 7200RPM (Free Fall Sensor) 320D72F 1 [341-7070] 8

    Module Bay Devices:
    8X DVD+/-RW w/Roxio Creator™/Cyberlink PDVD™ DVDRW 1 [313-5921][420-7984][420-8667] 16

    Dell Wireless® 360 Bluetooth Module for Windows XP BT360XP 1 [430-2383] 13

    Wireless LAN (802.11):
    Intel® 4965 802.11a/g/n Dual-Band Mini Card IPW4965 1 [430-2378] 19

    Touchpad Options:
    Touchpad with UPEK® Fingerprint Reader FRTPAD 1 [310-9109] 9

    System Documentation:
    Resource CD and DVD contains Diagnostics and Drivers for XP and Vista RCDDVD 1 [313-5222][313-5220] 25

    6 Cell Primary Battery 6CELLP 1 [312-0533] 27

    AC Adapter:
    90W A/C Adapter, Energy Star Compliant 90ACES 1 [310-9373] 15

    Internal Keyboard:
    Internal English Keyboard ENG 1 [310-9110] 4

    Productivity Software:
    Microsoft® Office 2007 Professional and Adobe Acrobat 8.1 STD WS27PR 1 [410-1099][420-6712] 22

    Security Software:
    McAfee® Total Protection for Small Business, 36 Month MCTP3YE 1 [410-1732] 38

    Migration & Backup Software:
    Laplink PCmover Essentials: migrates applications, includes transfer cable 139355 1 [A1139355] 177

    Installation Services:
    No Onsite System Setup NOINSTL 1 [900-9987] 32

    Purchase Intent:
    Purchase is not intended for resale. NOT4SEL 1 [462-4506] 138

    OS Labels:
    Vista Premium Sticker VPDGRN 1 [310-9160] 750
  2. 1. You likely overdid it with 4G RAM to run XP.

    2. Not a fan of "migration".. some of the errors and schmutz on your source system will just be copied to the new rig...better a fresh install of all software.

    3. Not a fan of McAfee, either.

    4. I much prefer the TrueBrite glossy screen. I wouldn't get a laptop without it these days.

    Otherwise, looks like a strong system.
  3. Thanks gnome.

    A few questions:

    1. What do you recommend as my ideal RAM size. I thought - the more the better. I currently have a 2GHZ/@GB RAm Inspiron laptop and when I use my backtestin software or have many apps simulataneously open, the system slows dramatically.

    2. I agree, I'll eliminate the migration stuff.

    3. What do you recommend in place of McAfee.

    Many thanks.
  4. wildkactus

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    1. RAM - I think XP 32bit is limited to 2GB for applications and the rest will only be used by the OS, So no need for anymore then 3GB (give the system 1GB), 64 bit OS can use about 128GB of ram.

    2. fresh install the only way to go.

    3. Anti virus, I use AVG find it ok, also NOD32 is good.

    other then that looks like and ok laptop system.
  5. If your system is slowing down, it's probably not because of inadequate RAM. Next time you experience the slowdown, check your Task Manager and see how much RAM you're using and how much physical RAM is remaining. XP "pages out" low priority functions to keep a good amount of physical RAM at the ready, so you may never even use 1GB of RAM. (Photo editing is one example of "the more RAM the better" for XP... but even at that the most your rig will recognize is approximately 3.25G out of 4G installed.) 2GB kits are cheap these days.. that's likely plenty.

    I use AVG antivirus, WinXP's firewall, and use a wired connection to a cable modem through a router.. which also has a firewall. My system has never been successfully attacked to my knowledge.)
  6. Many thanks to all that provided suggestions and advice!

  7. So gnome what could be slowing down my system. When I use my backtesting platform my CPU usage hits 99%. I have a 2GHZ processor. What can I do to speed it up??
  8. In almost all cases.. 100% CPU is a poorly written software issue.

    You need to figure out which app is causing it, then figure out what can be done about it.
  9. I know the software - it's my trading R & D backtesting platform
  10. Talk with the software tech support. Getting more horsepower in the hardware likely won't solve your problem.
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