My new idea: A novel titled "Trading in a Mirror"

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  1. What does this title suggest to you ? Give me some ideas hee hee !

    The goal will be first to be entertaining and cultural and second to be practical that is to say learn how to trade. The style will be science fiction and I will write it as if it was for a film scenario.

  2. You sound like 'Buffalo Bob" from "Silence of the Lambs"...

  3. Hmm, you are going to write a book about how to trade in a mirror? What will you be trading it in for? A new mirror? Something else?
  4. Sorry I never saw it except the beginning but I switch to another film when it passed: I hate horror films - there are too many in reality I don't need to look at them in fiction hee hee ! I only like adventure films like Indiana Jones or James Bond (only with Sean Connery I don't like the latest ones) :D

  5. The mirror : it's a metaphore of course but it can mean several things. I have no precise ideas just some flashes and I need to let my imagination do the work when ... I sleep :D

    I wanted to know what it suggested to you.

  6. Here's something, what it's worth I don't know.

    Did you ever notice how what one is most likely to critisize another for is a behaviour they are most likely to exhibit? Of course, to put this in the third person is a bit counter-intuitive. The point is that we (or I) am most likely to place blame on another for doing exactly what we (I) would do.

    I once heard a psychologist (name unknown) call this tendency the mirror effect. So, to me, trading in a mirror would mean taking an honest look at one's own trading behaviour. Self-assessment via active self-awareness you might say. Rather than analyze one's actions periodically (or in addition to), take an active role in self-awareness - on-the-fly, so to speak.

    I also am aware and have utilized a more literal interpretation of 'x' in the mirror. Perfecting the mechanics of athletic motions (eg: a golf swing) via a mirror is an excellent approach. For, until you have attained a relatively high degree of mastery in any athletic motion you rarely have a feel for where your body is at any given point in time. A mirror allows you to witness in real-time exactly what you are doing, when you are doing it, at to what degree you are doing..."it" (my, my, what a superior word choice).

    So there you go HarryT, I hope you can do something with this because I am not sure ET has Literary Brainstorm Forum.

  7. You're right, that's the first idea of the Mirror metaphor (there are others but I won't talk about them for now). And perhaps I will inspire from your examples in my Novel :D.

    The beginning of my scenario at the moment is that one day the hero of the book meets another guy in a bar. This guy is rather old and unhappily a blind man. Before he became blind, due to a moto race accident - he loved speed too much - he was a trader. He is interested to find someone that will substitute to his eyes. He will play the role of a mentor - a mentor with a very bad character :D. It is him that will introduce the Mirror metaphor. He could then refer to your examples to explain the importance of introspection for trading.

  8. A second metaphor for the Mirror is Reflexivity. This refers to John Maynard Keynes who compares Stock Market with a beauty contest between market's participants who must chose the girl that all <I>others</I> think is the most beautiful girl. In modern theory it refers to Soros Reflexivity and Chaos Theory.

    There is a third meaning for the mirror to achieve the Trinity, guess what ... I won't tell you since there will be no suspense for the novel :D

  9. Mut1ey


    What may also be an interesting angle is that of two, or more, mirrors facing each other - an interesting philosophical conundrum around beginnings and ends, complexity, recursion and light.

  10. That's what meant already John Maynard Keynes or game theory : each player have to imagine what others will imagine what others will imagine what others will imagine etc... :D. But you tell it in english better than me :).

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