My New Favorite Stock For Granny....

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    For all you smart buy and hold types out there that want to make a tech-type return in the next 2 months.... but still play it safe.

    Busier than ever and not closing down.
    (Don't take my word for it, check your local drive thru for the next few days and you be the judge.)
    3.5% divy while you wait if I'm wrong.

    Some stocks are steals when they get caught in a downturn.
    Depends on the stock, depends on the downturn...
    ...when you get the right stock caught in the wrong sector... bingo.


    MCD @ $137
    It's a good buy for the long haul.
    It may go lower... but its not closing, and its not going away.
    They got hammered today because of Britain. Who cares.
    I bet they have a record quarter, or damn close with insides being closed 4 now.
    We shall see. :sneaky:
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  2. vanzandt


    $162 close today.
  3. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    McDonalds is a tough one to estimate. The majority of stores are outside the United States. You have to estimate how CV is affecting them in other countries, not just the US. Like we have the drive thru's open here, but other countries you don't know if they're completely shut down or not.