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  1. The GG Doctrine: do not reply to insults, belittling, stupidity, threats, or lies.

  2. Does that new policy also include not responding to what others say with "insults, belittling, stupidity, threats or lies?"
  3. i have not decided yet. i don't claim to be perfect and it is too much fun to attack religion. i actually consider attacking religion doing people (the world, and myself) a favor, since most religious people are not even aware of how bogus their beliefs are and the bs still impacts society. however, i do realize that if people want to change, they have to do it themselves.
  4. GG, think of religion as similar to gay sex acts. You couldn't possibly enjoy it, because your brain isn't wired that way- but for many people it's their greatest pleasure in the world.
  5. the problem i have, though, is that by people being religious, their crap affects me. their votes elect people and they make decisions which impact me. i have to live in a world with ridiculous religious thinking being the majority. if i'm ever in court for something the bible disapproves of and the jury is religious, this could negatively affect me.

    look at the trouble gays have because of religion.

    when i watch movies on tv, the nudity is censored out. i don't think nudity is bad and i know nudity is viewed negatively because of adam & eve bullsh!t.

    there is "in god we trust" on my money and i have zero trust in god.

    or how about if some religious people don't want to fund NASA, and therefore, the knowledge i will have of the universe in my lifetime may be decreased.

    i could list endless examples.

    and remember, in most cases, developing religious thinking was not a personal choice--friends/family induct children into it. it's all part of the world's largest scam.
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  7. OK G, I'm not able to come up with any sort of counter-argument for religion. Frankly, It really is the world's biggest scam.
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  9. On a mass scale, I'd say anything that is "organized" can be fiercely dangerous. Not just religion -- but politicians, governments, etc. Anything that is organized carries the capability of doing great harm if misdirected.

    However, I still fail to see how this makes religion in itself a bad thing. That would be like saying, "There have been many atrocities throughout mankind because of poor governments, therefore governments are a scam and anarchy should be the political flavor of the day."
  10. Likewise, atheist's affect me, but that's the nature of things. If 51% of the population elects a religious president, then you have a couple options. You could move to another country or accept the consequences of living under a religious government. However, the one thing that won't happen is that, after all the votes are tallied, someone will say, "Oh Gordon is an atheist and really doesn't want so and so as their leader, so let's just scrap this election and elect the atheist guy instead."

    I'm tired of religion getting crapped on over and over because of someone else's over-generalization of history.
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