My new career: I started marketing my trading system

Discussion in 'App Development' started by Aquarians, Apr 14, 2022.

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    Not sure why you would sell it when you could license it / sell a recurring subscription.
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  2. Any sales by now?
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  3. Not yet. Marketing is hard.

    On the other hand marketing is like any other skill. You get better through practice.

    I don't wanna share my methods here because well, I see it hardly different from posting here the details of my hard-worked trading strategy.

    But I am getting better at it. Tried one approach which was rather costly both in $$$ and my own time but was quite effective, got near 100% conversion rate. Talked in person and got an email address then exchanged several mails with potential customer, although not yet finalized.

    Then changed the approach to something I thought would scale better, cost was like 1/10th of the first approach but after =~ 30 "impressions" I got no conversion at all.

    So I'm backtracking to the slow, costly but high probability method for now. In the meantime my marketing brain starts to get unfrozen and I'm devising some schemes which would scale a lot better with far lower costs. Time will tell.
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  4. As technical people / engineers, we're used to build things first and deliver (sell) them afterwards. Problem is we put an incommensurate amount of effort into building the product and grossly underestimate the effort required to distribute (sell) it.

    We should learn to at least start marketing / selling at the moment we start building the product. Ideally BEFORE building anything.

    You can play a mind trick and imagine you already got the greatest product ever built. Start selling it now! It will immediately be apparent to you how badly you suck at promoting your product. It will take a lot of time, effort and Eureka! moments to learn to build a reliable distribution network. Once you have created your network you can start building the product, heck you can even pay someone else to do it. Don't worry about them "stealing your idea", it is worthless without being able to sell it. And conversely, if you can't build that sales network, save yourself the effort and burnout and abandon your brilliant idea which nobody wants. Go read a book, funk a tree, anything but waste your time into a worthless doomed product.
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  5. I changed my strategy and started to get interested customers. I'll hold my first Zoom meeting where I present my system sometimes next week.

    Now, it's not just "a" system. I, by definition, cannot sell the $1,000,000,000,000 system rightaway for $50 to the first three guys that show interest. Coze to make a parabola on the whole situation it's a lot like stupid peasants are not interested in the "smartphone" system I developed with an investment of 20 years worth $1,000,000,000 while there's line phones and mobile phones. So can't sell shit for $5000, make a promotion for $500 still nothing but at $50 I now get Samsung John, Mike Apple and Xiaomi Gregor interested to buy one piece.
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    Where can information about your offer be found for use in making a buying decision?
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  7. Good question. There's none yet, in fact I didn't even prepare the Zoom presentation that I'm advertising.

    The rationale behind this is a SALES FIRST mindset. Complete inversion of engineer's mindset, "build first, sell later".

    When and if I'll get enough interested clients, I'll put together the damn presentation. Afterall I have the strategy, I only need to document / explain it. But I'm not moving another muscle anymore unless I have a guaranteed audience.
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    "But I'm not moving another muscle anymore unless I have a guaranteed audience."

    That is the spirit, said nobody ever.

    You are too lazy to do the work, yet expect investors to run to you. You didn't even give us numbers. Marketing is the shit. You can be a losing trader or scammer, as long as the marketing part is good, you are going to make money.

    Don't you follow crypto news? Anyhow, if you are lazy, just put your system on C2, that was made for lazy gurus who don't want to make their own website/presentation. Not so good for scammers because it creates a track record.
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    Can you link to existing evidence that your offer works?
    Does your offer produce trade entry triggers, exit triggers?
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  10. The system seems good to me. Just curious to know if I can set it in a way that it doesn’t execute trades on any one day of the week or just buys pairs on Wednesdays?
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