My new career: I started marketing my trading system

Discussion in 'App Development' started by Aquarians, Apr 14, 2022.

  1. Aquarians is resident crazy guy.
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  2. qlai


    But persistent! Respect!
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  3. maxinger


    for goodness sake, don't market it!!!

    Go and use it !!!
    Don't be shy to use what you have created.
    Then money will fall from the sky.

    My new career: I started marketing my trading system


    My new career: I started USING my trading system

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  4. Do you have any report that would contain actual trades coming from your system in the last six months?

    Trades with timestamps and real symbols so we can compare them to actual market data.
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  5. Heydrrich


    If it would have worked you would not have sold anything.
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  6. traider


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  7. d08


    There are some seriously financially stupid people out there. My neighbour over here sent money to some random Romanian in UK (supposedly) who said he's investing in crypto. All the guy had was some pathetic website and I guess probably FB ads or posts. I just put the address advertised into Streetview and it came up to a crappy looking house in UK with an old fridge rusting in front of it.
    With FOMO, people make insanely stupid decisions.
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  8. zdreg


    It say a lot about the decline of the British empire.:D
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  9. I explain it like this:

    - There were mobile phones before the iPhone.
    - There was the car phone, the analog phone costing in the "$10,000" in todays money and then the "actual mobile phone" invented by Nokia.
    - In the world of investment, what I do is no different from what Apple did. They didn't invent mobile telephony. They just made it smart.

    "If the system is working, why to sell it ?"

    Because the smartphone of investments still takes money to charge in order to operate. Difference is myself talking to my assistant 100 feet away and Alexander Graham Bell making real money. After being told to fuck off by Western Union.
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  10. One Indian friend of mine noticed:
    - I might be a little crazy
    - I might not be rich


    I do stuff in my garage. And I own a garage. Which isn't small thing to do or own. And since I own it, I'll use it to do whatever the fuck I feel like it's gonna make some surplus money.

    So if accidentally I get to be a billionaire, sadly the stereotype is reinforced. It started in a garage.
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