My new career: I started marketing my trading system

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  1. I live in the city which thrived on this $10Billion Ponzi scheme: . Not much, just 5% of the whole country's GDP. That's not country's capital btw, but the "Silicon Valley" of it :p

    So far I made exactly zero sales but if you think this deters and demotivates me, think again. I'm thrilled. I have my first real-world feedback... and it's zero.

    As a software developer one can live many years in denial of their actual worth when it comes to customer adoption, a lifetime actually.

    Me, I have a trading system to sell, a fully legal EU-level registered company to back it up and a distributor network which is starting to shape up.

    What I noticed and can't say I'm opposed to it is my distributors addressing me by the formal / polite pronoun even though I level with them. In German that's "Sie" instead of "Du". Not bad. It shows seriousness.

    Anywayz, zero won't stay there long. I'm looking forward for my mathematically impossible infinity jump from zero to one customer. Not a fake, not a con, not a "warm market" pester your friends and family but a genuine "shut up and take my money":
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  2. Nobert


    If the system is working, why to sell it ?

    A well paid few years in a regular day job and then you vould scale it up - sky is the limit.
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    If "system" is your selling point, the chances are your potential clients will ask you to reveal it to them. I know I would. So that begs the question, what info about your system does your marketing have?
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    And if they say, Sie konnen meinen Arsch lecken, they may also be polite.
  5. Ja, ich weiss. Aber es ist nicht der Fall.
  6. expiated


    Good luck to you!

    I will be interested to see how much useful information you post here, given that I will almost certainly be looking further into the possibility of one day scaling my own business into a mega enterprise, if I can do that.
  7. 2rosy


    basics of marketing
    • link to the system you're selling
    • link to your company
    • link to who you are
  8. Millionaire


    How much does it make per year on average?
    Whats is its biggest drawdown?
    What is the sharpey ratio?
    How many months on average per year is it profitable?
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  10. easymon1


    How much does it cost?
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