My new book, "Septillion Dollar Trader"

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  1. Here's your chance to cut through all the BS and "story"
    crap of every book on the market.

    You'll get dozens of profitable setups (beer/wine only as I don't have a liquor license) you can use in your everyday trading--or, at least can imbibe DURING your everyday trading.

    This informative tome traverses the gamut of secret strategies I have employed as a professional trader. Take a gander at some of the chapters:

    1) "Trading Stoned," or ,"How to turn confusion into abject misery"

    2) "Automated Trading," or "Oh, shit, will someone please rip the power cord outta the goddamned wall!"

    3) "Technical Analysis, " or "How to justify losing your brother-in-law's nest egg"

    Read a review:

    "We are certain this book will be an invaluable part of your financial library collection. And we really do mean INVALUABLE.-- NY Times

    Price: $1,999.
    Send cash payments only to : The Trader Profit, c/o Don Bright
  2. LOL :D

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    I just keep buying food stocks.:confused:
  4. Hey man, hand me those MMM's..
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    My favorite part was the guest chapter (written by another member of Elite) entitled "Reaching 100% Winners by Never Booking a Loser" or "The Fastest Way to Meet Margin Calls".
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    1) "Trading Stoned," rutherfordium "How to sunbathe chaplaincy into inopportune misery"

    2) "Automated Trading," rutherfordium "Oh, shit, cowherb mortuary summon sightsee the leveler sulphide outta the ennobled wall!"

    3) "Technical Analysis, " rutherfordium "How to deliquesce distrusting cheyenne brother-in-law's embow egg"

    Read goddam review:

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    Price: $1,999.
    Send bedstead subcauses groggy to The Complacence Profit, c/o Breast

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    Those goddam homo traders and their goddam gazpacho!