My name is Kennedy and I

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  1. think it would be cool to be a Senator. I'm so bored with the life of the idle rich. I don't have any experience, but that doesn't seem to be much of an issue in today's political climate. You should let me have the position just because I want it. After all, that's how it's been my entire life.
  2. Yes, CaptainOblivious, you are.

    What is missing from her resume that should prevent her from running for Senate? Go ahead, explain it to me.
  3. Hillary was a carpetbagger who rode the coattails of her husband. No one wins high political office based purely on qualifications. It's all about connections; who you know and who knows you.
  4. Lucrum


    Any semblance of a need for experience was completely and forever done away with in November.

    BTW I was thinking about taking up brain surgery soon. Anyone out there having recurring headaches they'd like me to look into. Got a new drill and saw at Lowes today. My first patient (or their estate) gets a hell of a discount.
  5. How about dumb fuck that she's never served in elective office. Typically folks start out a tad lower than the U.S. Senate. For someone who has never been vetted by voters- on ANY level- to suddenly seek an APPOINTMENT is a slap to New York's Congressional delegation as well as to the State assembly.

  6. She's a Kennedy, so she thinks she's entitled.

    Pride cometh before a fall. Never forget proverbs.
  7. Ah, yes. Running. That's the magic word. If she runs and wins great. Appointing her is just more of the inbreeding her father pulled when he put a proxy in his seat until Teddy was ready.

    Are you trying to tell me there aren't more qualified people who aren't rich and have a unknown name? Haven't we all had enough of the same names/people over and over? How's it workin' out? Doesn't look too good to me.
  8. Missing? Missing?! Lets see here. When you have a blank resume EVERYTHING IS FUCKIN MISSING YOU FUCKIN IDIOT.

    Obama supporters have no choice but to support people who have no experience because well Obama has no experience. It's almost an incentive to only support people who have zero experience.

    You are the sickening one and the little bitch.

    I swear to god you post little one or two sentence lines acting like your king shit. In reality your just a little liberal bitch who can't come up with an informative opinion if his life depended on it. Absolutely pitiful.

    I have never heard any type of drawn out substance from you ever. Seriously at least try to defend yourself instead of looking as stupid as possible.
  9. What's missing to "run" for the senate? Nothing! What's missing for an appointment? Some degree of legislative/political experience would be nice. She has a law degree and has done lots of fund raising. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing... a household name. Forgive me for not being all that impressed.
    The sad thing is she'll fit right in with a bunch of know nothing, do nothing blowhards.
  10. ........who want to tell you how to live.

    she was in the house in Palm Beach when her cousin David was arrested for drugs. The cops thought she flushed them down the toilet for him.

    Loyalty is a good trait.

    I just wish this family would go away.

    Did you see Teddy is worth 104mm? Never lifted a finger. What his father stole in the twenties, and he's got 100 mm. Amazing. God, I'd love to see the books. All stolen money, and the left fawns over these assholes. If a descent of Carlos Gambino came forward, what would you think if she had a couple hundred million? It is documented, after all, that during JFK's presidential run, Old Joe was having lunch with mobsters in Chicago.

    "Mobsters in Chicago". that could be the leadership of the Democratic Party. But it wasn't.
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