my name is george and i am a loser

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  1. my name is george and i am a loser. yes i am addicted to losing and cant help myself. i can go 2 weeks straight do everything correct. then i will have a losing trade which i usually initiate with no point and then it winds up being the biggest position i have had in those 2 weeks and i wipe out my profit from those 2 weeks and then some. i never was like that i have lost all forms of discipline that i had when i first started trading and respected the markets. now i feel like those poker players who go on tilt horrible i need help
  2. Take some time off.

    Maybe you don't have the right strategy/approach for this current enviorment.
  3. Hi George, welcome to join us tonight! :D
  4. anybody know any trading psychologists in chicago
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    Once you have resolved your discipline/psychology issues, you will be able to start learning the game/finding edges...It usually takes several years...Just think about it.
  6. 999,999 out a million traders are degenerate losers, don't feel too bad:p
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    took you only 6y to see that you have a 'problem' you might need that much time to work out a cure.
  8. Mark Douglas gives seminars at the exchange every month. Google his name. He's an author who wrote several best sellers and he consults. His tapes are pretty good too. Get in touch while you still a chance to turn it around.

    Good luck
  9. thanks guys
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