My monitor flickers and the width is narrow

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by andrasnm, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. if I hit the monitor it goes back to normal for a while...I tried to adjust it etc, I am
    getting very discouraged....

    is this a sign

    a) bad monitor
    b) bad video card
    c) my eyes or my brain is defective

    Also , can a monitor be fixed or just toss it out with my TV?
  2. your monitors electronics is broken, i think.
    does it run ok when you switch to a low resolution (800x600 or so)??
    i think it can be repaired without too much fuzz.
  3. not worth fixing unless some kind of special hi $ monitor. buy a new one. they are so cheap now.
  4. If it improves when you hit the monitor the its the monitor, if its better after kicking the computer , probably the video card ( without getting highly technical).

    Reconnect the video cable but sounds like bad monitor.:(
  5. :D LMAO...classic stuff.

    try de-gaussing it first from the monitor menu...