My money on IB disappeared

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by kiev, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. kiev


    I began to trade on ib 1 year ago. Last Wednesday, I found my market value in TWS decreased about 1500usd suddenly, I stared at TWS everyday and I really care the market value of my account, so I knew my money disappeared under my nose.

    I called IB service, they told me the number on my statement complies with market value on TWS, I asked the market value on my statement in last Monday and Tuesday, I found that there was an about 1500usd difference between my statement and TWS before last Wednesday, but now it disappeared and no one tell me where is my money.

    The IB service told me, "Next time" I should take a snapshot of TWS when I find the difference between statement and TWS, What? Next time? Did he mean this will happen again in the future?

    Are there anyone who have experienced this kind of things on IB before? Or anyone who can tell me what i can do to get my money back?
  2. Is this a riddle?

    i.e. which months have 28 days or Puccini's Turandot

    -signed curious
  3. are your funds in another currency than the currency of the products you are trading ?

  4. Run a full statement over a custom range that spans the days in question (or month to date) and it will show the income and loss detail over the period that you will be able to reconcile to see where the loss was incurred.
  5. koolaid


    IB is a reputable broker. They would never take 1,500 measeley dollars and jeopardize their reputation. Make sure you double check everything.
  6. kiev


    What I worried about is their software, it seems there is a bug there.
  7. Bob111


    +1 . op-follow the advise, before making such statements. compare reports for last few days.
    show us the proof that ib did stole your money. cause otherwise I would assume that you just making the s** t up. always have a screen shoot.
  8. It does not matter if there was a bug or not because the balance is recomputed in financial reports from the losses and profits. So the final total now should balance even if there was an issue along the way.

    So add up the profits and losses as shown on the reports for the day or days in question and renconcile the balances against the profits and losses shown. This will show you exactly where the issue lies.
  9. hftvol


    please do not show everyone so bluntly how stupid you are. Money does not disappear, and you do not need any screen shots to prove anything. You can download the broker statements and identify exactly the day when funds were wired out of your account, very simple. I am pretty sure that is not the case,

    either a) you are a shill for a competitor trying to pee into IB's car, or more likely b) you were too dumb to close out an open stop or limit order, it got kicked in and destroyed your 5k account. Either way, do your homework, if you do not even understand how to investigate an audit trail then you should not be risking your or others' money.

  10. kiev


    I didn't say IB stole my money, but my money disappeared and I found there was a gap between the market value from statement and TWS.

    I don't pay much attention to statement, but I stare at TWS everyday, I'm clear about the market value on it. I have only a few positions in my account, so I'm also clear about the loss and gain of them. Now, at least there are 2 days in which there was a gap btw statement and TWS.

    I post here just want to get my money back or make things clear.

    As to bugs, there are bugs on TWS, the error maybe comes out on close/open/high/low data on the bar of stock's chart window if you leave the window open there for a long time. If you close the window and reopen it, the data will be correct.
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