My Mind Says ISIS (I Think)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Probably going to have to go with ISIS tomorrow spent the whole day on the topic pretty much. obviously as a bio freak the first thing I did this morning when ALNY got bought was think who else does RNAI and my dog NSTK I used to own qualifies but bad management there- Cytx or whatever made a run today but ISIS is an old fave.. they have some good intellectual property rights under the hood and a nice chart and holders of a year there have gone nowhere... This stock has room to run. The spark today was royalties ISIS will get from the ALNY deal (they had a partnership with eachother)>> ISIS announced today that it will receive $26.5 mln from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) based on terms of the 2004 ISIS-ALNY strategic alliance and the RNAi collaboration there are three key positive takeaways from this deal: 1). this agreement further validates the potential of RNA-based therapeutics becoming a major class of drugs and the excitement that large pharma has for the platform; 2). ISIS is well positioned with its 2004 deal with ALNY to reap benefits from upside from RNAi through substantial royalty payments from ALNY; 3). The Roche-ALNY deal increases the probability that ISIS will be able to partner ISIS301012 on extremely attractive terms.

    I've told the CEO of ISIS that ISIS 301012 is NOT the sexiest name for a lead compound but he hasn't got back in touch yet. Never the less my admiration is HIGH for management and this company does get it's share of PUMP from various houses in the hope of underwriting.. I held off today to see what kind of buyers were playing it it seemed very rational today. Anybody else feeling the ISIS?~ stoney
  2. Folks LOVE the action this morning on ISIS. Strong 2% holding pattern as NASDOG dipped harshly no sellers that I could feel... I'm in for a big chunk in my personal and thinking about $40 thousand dollar's worth more at the Hedge...

    Just got be somewhat careful of the market here... Stoney is ire' on ISIS!
  3. Manni


    any views on what CYTX's Celution product will have on the companies prospects.

    my wife is nagging me to buy some stock after she read about it the other day.

    I might have to buy couple of thousand shares, for a quiet life.

    On the chart it looks like it has resistance at 6.50, so i might put some bids out there around 6.70.

    <img src=""/>
  4. My god Manni you made my day. Your wife is gorgeous! A little awkward I imagine on a balance beam... but who needs the gymnastics?

    Back to you on your question I'm just back from drinking eleven days in a row at the beach and my head will not clear for a bit....

    Back soon....... SI
  5. Keep an eye on ISIS today! ~