My message to Romney

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LEAPup, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. LEAPup


    For the love of God will you please strap on a pair! heck, borrow a pair of balls from someone for the next 6weeks!

    Don't drink caffeine I know. How about please starting for a short time!

    According to fox, ocommunist leads in FloriDUH by 6, Ohio about the same, and VA I believe 4 points.

  2. Lucrum


    Maybe he could borrow Michelle's, Barrack isn't using them. :D
  3. pspr


    I'm really questioning the validity of these polls. If there is internal polling to the campaign that tells a different story, then Romney is on track. More and more articles and pundits are talking about the slanted samples in the polls being published. I've not seen even one that over samples Republicans.

    But, if these state polls are correct, and the campaigns know if they are, then you are 100% correct. Romney needs to kick some ass. There is plenty of material for him to work with against Ovomit.
  4. I have to say that I too am questioning these damn polls. I posted in another thread, maybe Wisconsin, Obama up by 14 points? In what universe? And intrade at 40 points? Hell I'm about ready to bet on Romney, this is crazy.
  5. wjk


    Why would polls be so skewed? Perhaps Gallup can shed some light on the matter. Try this Google search: Gallup intimidated.
  6. Brass


    My message to Romney: Time for a new theme song.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. BSAM


    To my ET brethren on the far right:

    What are you planning to blame the Romney loss on?
  8. Lucrum


    The 47% and other stupid voters.
  9. BSAM


    Personally, I will be blaming it on:

    1. Mittens is a well known flip flopper.

    2. Mittens is ultra wealthy and millions don't trust him because of that.

    3. Even though it's not a reason I would vote against him, but many won't vote for Mittens because he is a Mormon.

    4. Mittens is a closet liberal.

    5. Mittens was crammed down our throats by the elite wing of the Republican party.

    Face it my brethren: It ain't workin'.
  10. BSAM


    Occasionally, you do make relevant posts, brother Lukie.
    This is one of them.
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