My message to crazy many Amibroker spammers in EliteTrader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by j2ee, May 18, 2013.

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  1. j2ee


    I do not know why you are so married to this application but please keep both your feet on the ground. AFL cannot handle complicated algorithms. You need reasonable work-arounds and maybe you show us how AFL handles a matrix inversion without having to link up to external libraries. Also, how to implement multithreaded paradigms? How do you handle database access to those dbs that are not supported out of the box? How do you connect to unsupported broker APIs? Right, you need to code an interface in a compiled language!!! And how do you implement a simple Kalman or Particle filter? AFL is what it is, a scripting language in order to avoid having to learn a programming language and as it is based on C++ (well the whole engine is) there are components and ideas that look familiar to someone who knows C++. That is all to it. It comes with all the limitations that most other scripting languages suffer from as well.
  2. MrN


    Bro, you are talking about a product that appears to cost less than $300. It is like looking at a car in the extreme economy segment and then ragging on it for not being a Benz. The relevant question is how it compares to its competition.
  3. j2ee


    Amibroker cannot even a lot of very basic stuff, just like how can you have few databases in amibroker interactive together with databases that are totally different from default fields in Amibroker? It just has very basic field like close/open/high/low, volume, open int, date format, that's all.

    As long as you are doing more than some very very basic stuff which there is no way to win money in long term with that basic setting, Amibroker is useless.
  4. The guy is known banned troll on different forums. He simply has no clue that's all. He can't even code simple loops. All of the things quoted are not a problem. There are even explanations and examples (e.g. Kalman, matrices, extra data) about how to do it either in the manual or in the AB forum. The guy knows nothing and should better go to school again. And AB is a Benz as you can do things that are not possible with more expensive software.
  5. colion


    The best way to handle this type of person is to ignore them as their goal is to simply stir the pot. Responding to them just makes them stir faster.
  6. j2ee


    First of all, you haven't answered any of my questions in my post at all. Well, I didn't join any forums that you said I did in other posts, so please stop making stuff up. I would use this to describe Amibroker:

    Have you heard of this car QQ? It is very famous for being crazy cheap like a computer price with super dangerous factors in it, like it would just turn around by itself in highway.

    So you like to describe Amibroker as Benz? Here you are:

    same as QQ, not much different.
  7. Sergio77


    Good example. AB is good enough for me.
  8. j2ee


    You may want to think about is that your strategy is too simple so you can apply in amibroker. Too simple strategy has hard time to work nowadays.
  9. vicirek


    The same applies to complex strategies.
  10. Oh really? May I quote one of your statements here on ET, clueless boy?

    If someone is lying one time how many times is he actually lying overall?

    Do you know now how to code simple loops? I'm just asking as you were asking for help multiple times on a different forum.
    #10     May 19, 2013
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