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    Hi guys,

    I would like to share my merger arbitrage journal here in elitetrader. My objective in this journal is to track as well as share my trades with forumers who are interested in merger arbitrage. It seemed like there are very few merger arbitrage investors around here so I would like to get the ball rolling as well as make some new friends here...Here's current holdings so far:

    1. Monsanto
    2. Time Warner
    3. Bunge Ltd
    4. Short BIVV Puts
    5. Short JUNO Puts
    6. Short AKRX Puts
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    My biggest position currently is Monsanto. Monsanto just got approved by CADE Brazil so what's left are EU, DOJ and MOFCOM for the big 3 approvals plus other countries. I am highly confident Bayer's merger with Monsanto will get approved by Jun 2018.
  3. Bobbybax


    Arbitrage requires both a long and a short.
  4. mergerpie


    For cash deals like Monsanto, is it necessary to add a short of Bayer?
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    I'm not a professional but I prefer to just take the long side of a cash deal.
  6. if its a cash deal, there is no short side

    arb 101

    beware statements made by anyone with less than 1875 posts
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  8. Bobbybax


    That is spec, not arb.
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    Ignore bobby. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
  10. elt894


    Looking forward to more posts. I've done some merger arbitrage but no current trades. Do you only take bullish positions?

    I had missed the JUNO announcement. Do you have a good source for announced mergers?
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