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  1. My mentor recently passed away and as many of you know I have been pondering lately about who has gone on within our little circles. You get all caught up with business and chasing money and one day you turn around and no one is there then what? Well if I was on my game like in the old days I would say celebrate that I now have the planet to myself. But seriously Stan Finney to me was like Indianan Jones when the big guy was swinging that sword around and Jones after seeing the impressive display of how the guy would slice him up, pulled out his pistol and just shot the guy.

    Stan traded the markets like that, he was quite, reserve and deliberate - every trait I wish I possessed. I almost feel a sense of responsibility to straiten up now and be a better person "nah" well maybe. Anyway I always respected Stan's privacy and never told to many tales about him. But I can tell you now I experienced events of immortal trading history while in his presence, one day I would hope a book comes out about his life. I have never known of anyone who has made as much money trading, nor trade the size as he and be as unknown. I could only hope one day to fractionally acquire the success at trading that Stan accomplished.


  2. Real life certainly has a way of making you reflect on whats important.

    Sorry for your loss.
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    he got a nice write up, when a good one passes on, i see it as a graduation or promotion
  4. You hit it on the head. Good people move onto a better place. I never got to know my mentor in this business other than in a chat room on the internet. I should have made an attempt to know him better as he made a difference for me and my future. He's still out there, but I haven't been back to his room since I left to take care of other things in my life. I still trade using his ideas.
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    Sounds like he was a real standup guy ... some of the best traders fly under the radar.
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    I used to work in the back office of Eppler, Guerin, & Turner back in the '80's and would peak in to Stan's client accounts to see what he was doing because he was BY FAR the biggest producer there. Back then he was mostly selling naked, out of the money index puts and calls. I never met Stan but he sure had quite a reputation.
  7. I have had allot of private and public messages about Stan I had no idea really so many people knew anything about him. It's amazing but I know the pit's are missing him I saw several post made by floor guys on his obituary page comments.

    He was really a traders trader. The stories that could be told are truly unbelievable about the man. He will be missed by many in the business.