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  1. Every great turnaround begins in the blood of red ink. I think I'll wait until shortly before the next earnings report to enter which should reflect some of the new business they have established and hopefully beats expectations.
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    i think every stock i own exists in a pool of its own blood.

    i like buying beaten up things, so Rolls Royce is just the sort of thing i like. The problem for me with it is I can't read financial reports as well as i should. beaten up biotechs and custodials rely more on catalyst dates, so those are easier for me to get my head around.
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    CBPI (it was a Lazar shell but it's since been sold and waiting news from the new company) is having a little action today. dropped to .05 in the morning but now up to .096. has had no volume for weeks but decent volume--for it--today. i can't find any news, though. just sold some swing shares but still have a long-ish position. (edit: i took profits on its august spike, but it should still have a big move left in it, though who knows if it's big move will be up or down)

    China Botanic Pharmaceutical Inc
    0.095 USD +0.035 (58.33%)today
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  4. It would be nice to see a couple of these dogs start to run. My already in question sanity is being tested.
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  5. SFOR is one of my longest longshots. Used to be a player, fell on hard times. They've got a big marketing campaign coming out next month. Should move the stock higher, quite a bit higher IMO. If it can get back to 20% of what it used to be, it's a huge move. See that move two years ago? That's what I'm hoping for
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    yup, if it wasn't for CBPI my week wouldn't be amazing. still not sure why that one is propping up.

    custos really droop inbetween events. a part of me wants to pick up some more ifan but then the other part worries it turns out to be 8-mile Larry who has bought it and everyone freaks out. there's a few other late-stage custos that are dipping that i'm considering picking up more of, but then i have reverse split nightmares.

    i'll take a look at SFOR.
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  7. The R/S nightmares, have them all the time. It's kind of the cost of doing business down here in the basement. And then there are the we're moving sideways for the next 6 months. But when you land the big fish, oh yeah, makes it worth your time.
    The OTCBB is somewhat cyclical and we're coming into the hot season, assuming of course it repeats this year. December, January and February are the make or break months.
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    i had my first rs fiasco last month. new company that bought ESPIQ announced a 1:1000! thing dropped 80% in a minute. i had already built up profit, so i broke even, but it's always in the back of my mind now.
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    Ok, decided to put bids in to add to my IFAN and IFXY holdings. So far it's not dipping enough to hit them.
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    Have Stoney designate it a "gummy of the day".... it'll drop.
    j/k Stoney
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