My longshot is

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  1. OK! I hope I have enough credibility to not be considered a pumper. This one can be spooky and it is a .OB Can be very thin at times and Knight loves to fuck with the bid/ask. It's been beat up, beat down, and left for dead. However, there is activity. Currently @.739. Pretty solid support built at .64. Drops below that, it'll be curtains. I'm looking for an upside of 1.25. Been there and higher before. Not a overnight thing. You may hold it awhile. Goes without saying, do your own DD.
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    Well, O.K. - I thought the penny stocks were frowned upon here at ET, but since you opened the door....

    I bought ZROS in January at 0.18. It closed today at 0.785. The management comes from the Internet Boom Era and seem to know how to build a business. They look to be a great play on the HDVIP (hi-def video over internet) boom that I expect to be huge in coming years.

    Just check the chart - great volume since mid Feb and it just keeps going up. It does appear extended and due for a pull-back right now, but I think I would be a buyer in the .60's if it gets there.

    I've already recovered my cost basis and am just letting the profits ride. This could be $3+ and on the nasdaq this year.

    Like the Captain says - do your own DD. I just wanted to share a pick that has worked VERY well for me.
  3. SWEB looks cool. The product anyway that's EXACTLY the shit I was begging for from Smith Barney in the old days. The stk had $2 mil in cash in 05 and no funds raised since I don't think. The held a seminar with Cramer! But their target audience the hopingly affluent or whatever they call it the $50K plus club of which I am a proud member we deserve all these bells and whistles and watch lists and real time observation of a brokers moves. The concept is hot. The link up with the Daily newspaper makes one wish they lived and invested in Canada. Over here we have nada. in that regard. This opens SWEB up to a lot of free advertising which is smart because that's a big cost. What little earnings they have is up. A insider bought a big chunk at 40 cents and another sold up here... kind of has the smell of a winner... I'll do more work on it later.
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    SWEB is in a horizontal channel formatioin which is very bullish after the huge run up. A break above 0.75 on big volume is the buy signal. Worth keeping an eye on.
    Good find, op.
  5. CHCG....China 3C group .....Only time I ever mentioned it was back in Aprill of 2006 on this forum......My OTC play since a repurchase back in September....Yea they retail MP3 and MP4 and DVD players and electronics in 800 locations in China and have plans to move into Shanghai this year....Just acquired 2 competitors over the last 6 months....Do your own DD, but the volume spiked today!!!!

    And closed at the high of the day.....I took 20% off the table, but no telling where It may go......I would advise one to go look at the last 10 K for 2006 just posted in late Feb......Enough said!!!!

    HIGH RISK OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Look at TBLC. Timberline Resource...brilliant business, simple to understand.

    They own drilling equipment that is hard to come by and have good plans to expand their drilling business to support a rising stock price.

    Then they own mineral assets which are their "blue sky" possessions. It's like a growing drilling business with a bunch of mines they can drill themselves.

    It doesn't get easier to understand than this.

    There is seemingly no way this stock is going much lower. It has ridiculously good support and a low low float. I think that's good sometimes, especially in solid growing businesses like these...very solid accumulation going on.

    $10 stock in the next 24 months from drilling alone.

    This is truly one of those stocks you'd like to stay at these prices or lower for a while while you accumulate.
  7. Shhhhhhh:D
  8. my longshot is????????!!!!???

    Who do you like in the Double?
  9. All interesting picks folks! It's nice to see every once in a great while we can have this discussion without running into the troubles they have in Yahooland.

    I've been putting them all through the paces for a while here and I come back to the first SWEB. They seem to me have the most $'s behind them. They've managed to rope a mutual fund in US Global has it in a few accounts- I did a volume analysis on this which is really interesting> it went ballistic when they went wireless over 2 mil traded then dried up like a prune no selling at 66 cents. then a 495K type of 5 cent day took us to 70 cents this is where I would look for it on a pull in. Of all the charts I like this one the best it's an island in the sky it had it's chance during this barf to give it all back and it didn't. Nice bollinger band squeeze too at higher levels. The for free model> it's got it's ups and downs I like the business model these guys have come up with with the side selling to the brokerage community. I must say I don't like reading the old press releases from 2000 when these guys were a b to b play and were paying people left and right to put out their own press releases AND analyst coverage with price targets! Non accredited CPA type> very shady. Let's hope management has seen the errors of their ways. SWEB @ 70 cents is the early call... more to come.
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