My longshot is JBLU

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Airline stocks are scary. However, Im going to make the call and say that JBLU bottomed at 11.1 and will be going higher from here. In January it hit 17 and then the price of oil went up and then there was that madness at JFK causing the price to puke down to 11.1.

    The growth story for JBLU is still there just some barrels of oil and JFK nastyness got in the way.

    Look at it, tell me what you think. I say it goes higher from here.
  2. JBLU reports on Tuesday. I may buy ahead of earnings. Anyone like it?

    How did other airlines earning do lately? I think Continental sucked?

    1st Quarter Ending March 2007
    Earnings Whisper ®: N/A
    Consensus Estimate: ($0.19)
    Members' Estimate: N/A
    Surprise Expectation 1: 100%/0%
    Release Date: Confirmed 4/24/2007
    Before Open
  3. nooooooo dont but jet blue

    buy CAL,AMR,UAUS